9 Ted Talks That Anyone Working In Financial Markets Should Watch

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9 Ted Talks That Anyone Working In Financial Markets Should Watch

Ted talks have always been an impactful source of information for topics ranging from self-improvement to industry-focused sessions. If you're aspiring to work in the financial sector or take any financial market training, then some great Ted talks can not only help you clear your mind, but also help you learn financial services from a new perspective. In this article, we are sharing with you the nine most influential Ted talks on money and finance. So, if you want to know more, keep reading!

1. Investment Logic for Sustainability — By Chris McKnett

In this amazing Ted talk, speaker Chris McKnett shares his thoughts on how huge investments from investors like banks can work towards shaping the world, and not just for the betterment of any business. He explains why investors should look at the social, environmental, and governance structure of a company while investing. This can help in making the world more sustainable.

2. How FinTech is Shaping the Future of Banking —By  Henri Arslanian

Henri Arslanian needs no instruction as he is a known leader with vast experience in the finance sector. In just 14 minutes of talk, he discusses the changes occurring in the financial environment, starting right from the global recession of 2008. If you're planning to build a career in investment banking or even taking any investment banking certification course, then this Ted talk will help you understand the changing landscape of the finance industry.

3. A Guide for the Average Person to Start Investing with an Investment Bank — By Matteus Pouchain

The speaker Matteus Pouchain tells how investment banks can benefit an average person. He urges everyone to meet and talk to an investment manager of a reputed investment bank. These professionals can help their clients meet their financial goals in a better way. They can also help you identify your risk tolerance and investment horizon.

4. From Tech Start-up to Investment Banker — By Jan Metzger

In this TED talk, Jan Metzger walks you through his challenging yet interesting journey from working as a software engineer to a consultant, and finally to an investment banker. This is a must-watch Ted talk for anyone planning to become an investment banker or wanting to learn financial services.

5. Kids Creating the future bank — By Chris Skinner

Chris Skinner is a renowned banking and technology influencer in the UK. He is quite famous for his books like Digital human and his blog theFinanser.com.

In this TED talk, he talks about the investment as well as growth in FinTech to revolutionize financial services. He discusses how youngsters are building hi-tech platforms to modernize the finance industry and services within it.

6. A Revolution in Banking is Coming — By Tom Bloomfield

CEO of Monzo (a UK-based challenger bank), Tom Bloomfield talks about the evolution of banking from a physical branch, internet to mobile banking. In this talk, he discusses how we are on the verge of a massive revolution in the banking industry — shifting from paper transactions to paperless and cashless transactions via modern applications and top technologies.

7. A Vision for Truly Secure And Seamless Transactions — By Carey Kolaja

This is another great Ted talk that will prepare you well for financial market training. The former VP at PayPal, Carey Kolaja talks about how the modern era of money is turning invisible. She talks about the human relationship between money and payments and how innovation is pushing the industry forward to adapt to the changes.

8. A smart new business loan for people with no credit — By Shivani Siroya

Shivani Siroya, who is the CEO and founder of Tala explains the major issue of profiles and lack of credit score when there is no financial data. She explains how it can affect more than 2.5 billion people in the world.

9. Are you ready to become a banker? —By Marcos Eguiguren

There is no better Ted talk for an aspiring investment banker than this one. Here, Marcus Eguiguren says that banks help in connecting people, and therefore must consider their values. He further states that banks that invest in companies and projects that help with environmental, social, and economic development are known ad value-based banks. Note that, Marcos Eguiguren is the former Executive Director of Global Alliance and presently the co-founder of SingularNet. In this TED talk, he tries to explain the responsibilities of banks towards shaping the economy and a better world.

That's all about it!!

These are the 9 most impactful TED talks on finance and banking. All of these are short and very crisp. These are the must-watch Ted sessions for anyone working in the finance industry or planning to enter it. If you're working towards becoming an investment banker or any other professional in the industry, these TED Talks will help you. Moreover, if you're looking for the best investment banking certification course from a reputed provider, then feel free to visit Imarticus.

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