7 Data analytics tools that will make your life easier

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7 Data analytics tools that will make your life easier

The world economy and its database are growing exponentially and at times it becomes very difficult to keep a record of all the data. To analyse all the data is even way more difficult. This is where the use of Data analytics tools comes in. Data Analytics Tools are those software and programs that help the firms in the proper and systematic collection of data. It then arranges the data and the firm uses the data according to the requirement. With proper data management, the firm can also make decisions more effectively. This will in turn lead to an increase in profit margin. 

Why is it essential to learn Data Analytics Tools?

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There are many reasons to be enrolled in a data analyst certification course.  Among many, a few of those are stated below -

  • It helps to arrange the data in a more organised manner. 
  • It helps the firm to operate more effectively.
  • The tools help in analysing the market in a better fashion. 


Different kinds of Data Analytics Tools

There are various kinds of Data analytics tools but the frequently used ones are stated below - 

Excel -

Excel is the most used data analytics tool in any organisation. It arranges the data in a tabular format which helps the comparative analysis easier. Line graphs, histograms, pie charts, and other various graphs can also be used for diagrammatic representation. It is the easiest data analytics tool out of all and is used by almost everyone. 

R -

R is a data analytics tool that is widely used by Statisticians. To use R, one has to have an ample amount of knowledge about coding. R has various built-in packages which help in performing statistical analysis. In R, the graphical libraries that are available are Ggplot2, ggvis, plotly, and a few more. It helps in creating a better data visualisation. R is an open-source programming language hence it does not provide any customer service. Although it has online community support where your problems can be addressed. Ford, Facebook, and Paytm are some of the companies that use R programming.

Statistical Analysis System (SAS) -

SAS is commercial software that is used to analyse and report data. The use of SAS is easy and thus can be used by beginners.SAS is one of the oldest data analytics tools. Data visualisation and advanced analytics cannot be done in SAS. SAS is very flexible and it also supports data encryption algorithms. SAS provides all-time customer service because it is a costly software. Besides, it also provides online community support to solve the problems. SAS is used in predictive analytics, advanced analytics, and data management. Netflix, Prime Video, Dell, HP, YouTube, Twitter, and Cognizant are some companies that use SAS programming.

Python -

Python is a high-level programming language. It is used in web development, big data analytics, data science, game development, and many more. Some of the Panda libraries are Pandas, Scikit-learn, PyBrain, Keras, MILK, NuPIC, Ramp, Theano, and many more. Python is an open-source programming language and hence it provides no customer service. Although, it provides online community support to solve the problems raised. Flipkart, Amazon, Google, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook are some of the companies that use python programming. 


It is thus very obvious that being an expert in working with data analytics tools is very necessary in today’s world. The data analytics and machine learning course from Imarticus can be helpful for you to achieve your desired goal and learn data analytics.

The course highlights are an assured placement program, leading-edge curriculum, industry-specific case studies, and guaranteed interview opportunities. This course will guide you on how to become a data analyst and will fully prepare you for the corporate world out there.

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