6 Key Features and Benefits of Power BI

Why is Power BI a Gamechanger for Businesses

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6 Key Features and Benefits of Power BI

In a rapidly developing business landscape, companies have to rely on data for decision-making. It offers a wealth of features for transforming raw data into actionable insights. In a true sense, Power BI has emerged to be a formidable ally of businesses around the world. Companies harness the true potential of data with its intuitive interface and progressive analytics capability. If you learn Power BI, the learning process will develop your visual communication and problem-solving skills.

So, fasten your analytical seatbelts as we embark on a journey of exploring the unrivalled potential of Power BI.

What is Power BI?

The BI in Power BI stands for Business Intelligence. Besides that, it helps you perform data visualisation. With this tool developed by Microsoft, you can execute the following actions.

  • Connect to various data sources

  • Transform and model data

  • Create interactive reports

  • Create visualisations and dashboard

Businesses use this tool to make informed decisions. Through it, they also smoothly communicate information to stakeholders. These stakeholders can be employees, investors, or executive leadership of the company.

What are the key features of Power BI?

Power BI offers a myriad of features. They collectively make it a versatile and powerful tool for data analysis. Get a glimpse of its potential through the features listed below.

  • Natural Language Query: This is a beginner-friendly feature. With this, you can ask queries about your data in natural language. On the software, this feature is called "Q&A." Just enter your query to get an instant visual response.

  • Data Security and Governance: Power BI allows you to protect sensitive data from the source. You can integrate the software with Azure Active Directory. It offers user authentication and access control capabilities. On the software, you can directly implement data encryption and row-level security.

  • Data Alerts: Timing is important for making business decisions. With Power BI, you can set up data alerts. These will notify you when certain conditions are met.

  • Real-time Data Streaming: Just as the name says, using this feature, you can receive real-time updates. Companies get to monitor data as and when it is generated. This can be done by using APIs or connecting to live data sources.

  • Custom Visualisation: The developer community of Power BI helps you integrate custom visualisations. Import these visualisations to improve your reports and dashboard.

  • Integration and Connectivity: As a user of Power BI, you can connect with many data sources at a time. This includes on-premise data sources, cloud, spreadsheets, and databases. You will also find connectors for integrating SharePoint and Excel.

Benefits of using Power BI

Now that the features are covered. Let's look at the factors that make Power BI stand out from its competitors.

  • Integration with Microsoft Ecosystem: As it is developed by Microsoft, you can derive a wholesome experience from this software. Connect it with SharePoint, Azure, and Excel. This will help your company in extracting the most benefits from its investment in Microsoft products.


  • Broad Data Connectivity: You must learn Power BI to experience its connection capability. Connecting to a broad range of data sources is easy with this software. The following is the list of features you can connect to Power BI.

    • Spreadsheets

    • Data platforms

    • Databases

    • Cloud services


  • Exceptional Data Modelling Capabilities: Power BI allows you to control your data. With its tools, you can perform the following tasks.

    • Create calculated rows and columns

    • Data shaping

    • Merge data


  • Collaboration: Engaging and connecting stakeholders is easy with Power BI. The features of this software allow you to share reports, dashboards, and datasets. Stakeholders can receive data in real-time and communicate through comments.

  • Advanced Analytics: In integration with Azure Machine Learning, Power BI incorporates this feature. You can perform the following tasks through it.

    • Predictive modelling

    • Advanced data analysis

    • Machine learning


  • User-friendly Interface: The user-friendly interface of Power BI makes it a beginner's favourite. You can easily create interactive visualisations without technical skills.

Learn Power BI & become a Data Analytics Expert

Power BI has become one of the most used tools by businesses. The credit for this goes to its flexibility, ease of use, security, and connectivity. A Data Analytics Course helps you learn Power BI. Collectively, the addition of this skill and certification will land you a high-paying job.

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