5 Financial Services Companies To Follow On Linkedin

The corporate world relies heavily on networking and when it comes to the Internet, Linkedin is one website, which is popularly known to be the biggest professional network online today. With around 396 million users over the world, this was started with just the idea of keeping people in touch, but rapidly progressed into the go-to platform when it comes to networking with various professionals.
LinkedIn offers a host of opportunities due to the fact that all of its users, share a myriad of contacts with the whole internet world. One can keep in touch with their old co-workers, look for jobs, connect with clients as well as promote their own brands. Linkedin becomes a very important site for big companies, as they are able to promote their services through company pages. The skill of networking is the most sought after skill when it comes to the field of Finance and its branches like Investment Banking and Corporate Finance. In this scenario, Linkedin becomes an indispensable tool to help a professional to not only enhance their resume but to network with new clients and thus generate revenue for their firm. Apart from these, it also proves to the perfect platform to endorse your past projects and get recommendations from your ex-colleagues as well as give your page more exposure, through posting various relevant links. It is a go-to platform for all of those in the professional community looking for a wide-reaching social networking site, without compromising on the relevant content.

Here’s a list of 5 Financial Services Companies all finance aspirants should follow, for their interactive news and expert daily updates.
1. BNP Paribas
BNP Paribas is one of the best-ranked banks in the world. Apart from being spread across more than 75 countries and offering core financial services, namely Domestic Markets, Consumer and Institutional Banking and so on, this company is a leader in consumer lending. With sterling attributes such as these, it is but natural for this firm to boast of a very informative company page on Linkedin. Their page is regularly updated with the latest company news as well as blog posts evaluating a number of core concepts in finance. This firm also does a lot of hiring through their LinkedIn portal and have a very focused HR team working in that direction. They also hire many entry-level professionals via college placements as well as from certain institutes like Imarticus Learning, which specializes in finance courses.
2. Citi
The Citi Bank is known for its various core activities like, accessing the global capital markets on behalf of their clients, lendings and payments as well as safeguarding assets. They take their mission of connecting millions of people, across hundreds of countries and cities and deliver it through their LinkedIn profile. For a finance enthusiast, their page is the one stop shop, when it comes to knowing everything about finance. They have a plethora of informational videos, blog posts and reports posted on their page to keep you updated with the workings of finance, apart from their company news.

3. Accenture
Accenture as a company claims to be the world’s largest delivery network, which is basically a confluence of business and technology, to benefit all of its clients across forty odd industries. Apart from providing a lot of company news through their LinkedIn page, they also promote their various campaigns ranging from their Digital Fund-raising campaign to their Hack-a-thon. A lot of their posts also constitute to opinions and papers written by their in-house experts.

4. UBS
UBS has been rated as one of the world’s most attractive employers by Universum, for the 7th time in a row. This alone boasts of their stature and the quality of services they provide. They specialize in wealth management, investment banking, asset management as well as general banking solutions. Their company page of LinkedIn is another go-to place for a finance enthusiast as it boasts of a lot of reports on various financial concepts as well as company news by experts.

5. Imarticus Learning
Imarticus Learning is a premium education institute which offers, specialization training programs in the field of Finance and Data Analytics Solutions. Their aim is to bridge the gap between industry and academics and this is reflected on their linked in page as well. Their company page covers all the concepts of both finance and analytics extensively through posts, webinars, reports, news, opinion based articles and so on. With a team of industry experienced experts, what separates them from the rest is their experiential learning coupled with their exemplary placement opportunities, with top banks such as Deloitte, BNP Paribas, JP Morgan and others.

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