10 major reasons you must acquire a CMA certification

certified management accounting course

Why must you acquire a CMA certification?

Increased career opportunities

Certified Management Accountants (CMAs) play an important role in the financial and strategic decision-making of businesses. They are considered better for management positions. It is because of their knowledge of strategic decision-making. CMA Certification Course helps learners make critical financial decisions in businesses. CMAs specialize in mixing accounting and financial knowledge. These provide ample career opportunities when it comes to job change and growth.

According to a study of IMA, about 87% of certified management accountants report that CMA Certification Course helped them to become more versatile. It gives them an advantage over other accountants with certification.

High demand

The demand for CMAs has increased in recent times. The financial risks in the globalized world have increased tenfold. The demand has also increased because of the highly practical nature of the CMA Certification Course. The demand for CMAs is across

public companies,

private businesses, and

government enterprises.

High salary

The overall percentage of salaries of certified management accountants has increased significantly in the last few years. They earn about 67% more than their non-certified peers. The global median salary remains largely on the higher side.

In India, the average salary of CMAs is 17 lakh per annum. Also, the competitive salary is continuously increasing. The highest salary that has been recorded is 21 lakh per annum. On a global level, the median salary of CMA was 60,000 dollars in 2022. Whereas, the average global salary is around 72,430 dollars.

Job security

A CMA Certification Course helps the learners to have job security. It makes them more secure when it comes to jobs. It also made them more job-agile. CMAs have skills related to financial planning and analytics. It makes them indispensable in businesses. Their skills in strategic planning give them the flexibility to switch to management roles.

Increases financial skills

CMAs are known for their accurate knowledge which makes them credible in the industry. It also gives them relevant skills in finances and management processes. They are also knowledgeable in fields such as

budget analysis,

budget planning,

risk management, and

investment decisions.

It gives them the upper hand when it comes to financial decision-making. They get more meaningful job profiles because of their profound financial skills and knowledge.

Career Options After Graduation from a CMA Certification Course

Various job profiles await the learners after completion of the CMA Certification course. There are benefits such as job security and salary growth. Here are the high-profile career options after graduation:

Management accountant: The job profile includes duties like providing financial data. It also includes giving financial advice for development and growth.

Cost accountant: The job of a cost accountant is to record the incurred costs. It helps to improve management for greater efficiency.

Treasurer: Treasurer manages the financial liabilities and assets of the businesses.

Finance controller: A finance controller is responsible for handling the day-to-day financial operations.

Head of Finance: The Head of Finance is responsible for all the financial activities of a business. They deal with forecasting, budgets, risk management and reports.

Cost controller: Cost controller helps a business to manage its spending. The spending could be related to any long-term and short-term projects.

Chief internal auditor: The main duty of a chief internal auditor is to perform audits of a business. They also provide accurate accounting data.

Chief financial officer (CFO): The role of a CFO includes managing finances. It also includes overseeing the financial actions of a business.

What is the Best CMA Certification Course to Become a Successful Certified Management Accountant?

Imarticus Learning provides a chance to enrol in CMA Certification Course. It gives learners a chance to become a successful certified management accountant. It offers a Bootcamp of CMA Certification Course. The CMA Certification Course is offered online mode. The study period for the course is 6--9 months. The learners are taught the mastery of 12 core skills:


Financial reporting

Corporate financing




Performance management

Cost management

Financial statement analysis

Risk management



Learners also get a ‘pass protection’ that ensures they pass the examination. Along with this, the CMA certification Course by Imarticus Learning offers the following:

Guaranteed interviews with career and placement assistance

Unlimited access to study materials like course books, question banks and papers

Access to learning videos, etc

Expert mentoring with experienced faculty

Practicals to make the learners' industry ready.

Why Choose Imarticus Learning?

There are over 1,40,000 global learners of the CMA Certification Course. It is not easy to find courses that offer Career Options After Graduation. But Imarticus’s CMA Certification Course offers career services for better opportunities. The learners of Imarticus Learning work for renowned companies like

State Street,

Societe Generale,


J.P Morgan, etc.

Imarticus Learning has partnered with institutes like ima and GLEIM for better exposure for the learners. Know more about what learners can get here.

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