10 Data Science Careers That Are Shaping the Future!

Data Science Career

Data is wealth in modern days and data scientists will be in huge demand in the coming years. Firms require skilled professionals to analyze the generated data. Data analysis is also predicted to surge with the rise of new-age technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc.

According to reports, there is a shortage of expert data scientists in the market. One can opt for a post-graduate program in machine learning to gain the skills needed in the data science industry.

Let us see about ten data science careers that are shaping the future.

Data Scientist

Data Scientists have to organize the raw data and then analyze it to create better business strategies. Data is analyzed for predicting trends, forecasting, etc.

Data science careerData scientists are technical personals who are fluent in data analysis software and use them to predict market patterns. Firms will require more skilled data scientists in the future due to the need to process & analyze big data.

Business Intelligence Analyst

Business Intelligence (BI) analysts & developers are required to create better business models. They also help in making better business decisions. Policy formation and strategy development are key responsibilities of a BI analyst. Firms have to face market disruptions and need good business models/strategies to tackle them. BI analyst/developer will be in demand in the coming days.

Machine learning Engineer

Machine Learning (ML) Engineers are required for creating better data analysis algorithms. They have research about new data approaches that can be used in adaptive systems. ML engineers often use other technologies like deep learning, artificial intelligence, etc. to create automation in data analysis.

Applications Architect

Firms require good applications and user interfaces to run business processes smoothly. Applications architects choose or create the right application for their firms. Due to the rise in the complexity of data, firms will require better applications to manage it.

Statistics Analyst

A Statistics analyst or statistician is required to interpret the data and present it in an understandable way to non-technicians. They have to highlight the key insights in big data to stakeholders/fellow employees. Data analysis results are also used to make predictions and identify potential opportunities. You need to be good with numerology if you are thinking to become a statistician.

Data Analyst

They have to convert large data sets into a suitable format for data analysis. They also help in finding the data outliers which can affect the business. There is a lot of data generated every day as humans analyze less than 0.5 percent of data produced! Data analysts are already in huge demand in the data science industry.

Infrastructure Architect

Infrastructure architect in a firm makes sure that the applications, software(s), databases used by the firm are efficient. Infrastructure architects also help in cost optimization. They make sure that their firm has the necessary tools for analyzing big data.

Data Architect

Data architects mainly focus on maintaining databases.

Data Science CareerThey attempt to make the database framework better. With the rise of automation in data science, data architects are in huge demand to provide better solutions.

Enterprise Architect

Enterprise architects are IT experts and provide firms with better IT architecture models. They suggest stakeholders & senior managers in choosing the right IT applications for data analysis. Top companies like Microsoft, Cisco, etc. hire enterprise architects for maintaining their IT framework.

Data Engineer

Data engineers are required to create a good data ecosystem for their firms where the data pipelines are maintained. Data Engineers are required to choose better data analysis applications to provide real-time processing. They also help in making the data available to data scientists.


Data science is a growing field and there are a lot of job opportunities. You can learn Data Science Courses in India from a reliable source like Imarticus learning. One can also target any particular job role in the data science industry and should learn the necessary skills. Start your post-graduate program in machine learning now!

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