Why You Should Become a Certified Data Analyst?

So you are looking into taking up a career in the field of data analysis? Assuming that you have already done your required share of research and have interacted with a number of people who were influential enough to guide you in your journey, now you are seeking out the exact path to follow.

One thing to remember before you opt for a certification is to narrow down on your field of choice in the large and varied spectrum of the data analysis.

Most of the times, when it comes to the conventional courses in terms of data analytics, it is seen that there are bachelor degrees available to students in areas of management information systems, computer science and the likes. These may seem like a broad-based strategy to make it work for you. Which is exactly why you need to take additional steps to learn how to be a great communicator, a proficient problem solver and someone who knows very well how to drive the point home.

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Data Analysts are professionals who generally do the job of collecting, maintaining and troubleshooting issues which are usually encountered when a company stores digital information. While it is important to have a bachelor’s degree to enter this field, it is not quite mandatory for you to have a certification.

But at the same time, being a certified data analyst increases your prospects of employment at the top gun companies of the industry.

Here’s what a real data analyst has to say to all of those looking to make a career out of this field. He says, “Taking statistics and research methodology courses are a great way to start off. Also, it is very important to be a consumer of statistical analysis.

Find some topics or issues that interest you and read whatever analytical works that you are able to find. Sports happens to be one natural avenue for learning about data analysis because they happen to be so very data oriented.”
Getting certified would help broaden your perspective and increase your avenue of expertise as well.

This would make you competent enough to:

  1. Work with amazingly equipped IT teams, management staff and key players of the company in order to reach the set goals.
  2. Be an expert at mining the data from primary as well as secondary sources.
  3. Be a master cleaner of data and a pro at dispensing all the irrelevant information.
  4. Become a smart enough employee to pinpoint trends, correlations and patterns in a number of complicated data sets.
  5. Become a magician at designing, creating and maintaining relational databases and data systems.

A certification is clearly a way to upgrade and update yourself professionally. Mainly because it can help open doors for you which would not even exist had you chosen the path of just a conventional degree. These and many motivational factors lead quite a lot of data science aspirants to take up professional training certification courses from institutes like Imarticus Learning.

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