Why Should You Enroll in a Business Analyst Certification Program

Business Analyst Course

Businesses and the data they produce and require to thrive are growing, expanding fast and need efficient analysts to use the data for growing. Data has turned out to be the most valuable asset in any organization to help measure efficiency, success and production in all organizational tasks. Technology too has kept pace with these rapid developments and the BA is a career that tops any career aspirants list. Especially software related projects need to clean and use data from multiple sources to gain foresight and insights into the databases to help the BA analyze and use the data for predictive analysis.

Why Do Business Analyst Certifications

Organizational business analytics is of paramount importance and helps determine trends, future plans, goal setting, budgeting and many other indices for sustained growth. An approximate half of IT spends are on such initiatives which have resulted in unprecedented growth and demand for BAs.
Business Analyst Certification can help in many ways in a market where making a career in business and data analytics for business purposes is well-paid and demand booming. One of the major benefits of such certifications is that they are an essential spend whether you wish to make a career, are switching jobs or aspiring for a promotion. All organizations want to know before recruiting that the aspirant has sufficient experience and certification in business analytics practice. This is where they need a measurable endorsement and validation of your practical skills and application of learning from a reputed institution like Imarticus Learning. And, certification provides them with exactly this information. Certifications besides being a goal achieved can also provide you with a number of other benefits like
• Builds your confidence while adding to your resume.
• Visibility in a pool of aspirants in the demand-driven job-market.
• Salaries that are probably better and account for the better experience in BA practices under skilled and industry-relevant mentors.
• The credibility that you know, implement and practice business and data analysis techniques on the latest technological suites and frameworks.
• Suit and match market and technological trends in business analytics that are current and in demand.
Thus from the above diagram, you will see that this certification in business analytics is a right career step that can enhance your resume, build your confidence and help with landing those BA jobs with the best payouts. The McKinsey study reports that 490,000 data science jobs are vacant and have only less than 200,000 certified and qualified professionals to fill them. TechCrunch reports claim worldwide demand for data analysts will grow by 50% and fuel better payouts while increasing the demand-supply gap.
The payouts:
According to Glassdoor.com the median salary of a US business analyst is 77,712 USD per annum. The US Bureau for Census reports that median salaries for BA’s are on an average of 34,940 USD per annum and clearly indicates that most BAs draw more than this figure. Of course, this is a huge plus when making a career or changing jobs or roles. Business2Wirereports show that a certified professional earns 20 to 40% more than the rest.
Qualifications Needed
Can you believe that with such great pay packages all you could possibly need to launch your career is finding the right training course and partner? A basic sound degree in finance, economics, business administration etc definitely helps though not mandatory. Along with the boom in data technologies, the demand for training institutes to cater to the huge number of trained personnel has also seen tremendous growth. That is exactly why finding a reputed training partner like Imarticus makes a huge difference. Their curriculum is sound, practically-oriented and has industry acceptance globally. The certification is widely accepted and even has modules on soft-skill development, resume writing and such important topics. Getting into the right job is also easy with assured placements and effective mentorship from certified industry-drawn instructors and mentors.
Parting Thoughts:
Data analytics is a practice- intensive course best learnt from a reputed training institute like Imarticus Learning. Certification enables smart career choices and normally achieves a better pay-package and learning retention. Choose your vertical and ensure you get lots of practice then. All the best then and do not forget to call Imarticus today.

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