Why problem-solving using Data Analytics needs new thinking?

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Data analytics helps organizations examine all sorts of data, be its real-time, historical, unstructured, structured, or qualitative data to uncover trends and develop insights that may be used to guide and, in some circumstances, automate decisions, thus connecting intelligence and action.

best data analytics certification courses in IndiaThe best solutions now enable the entire analytical process, from data access, preparation, and analysis through analytics operationalization and evaluating results. Hence, there is a rise in data analytics courses in India.

Data analytics enables firms to digitally transform their company and culture, allowing them to make more innovative and forward-thinking decisions. Algorithm-driven firms are the emerging innovators and business leaders, going beyond typical KPI monitoring and reporting to uncover hidden patterns in data.

In the present scenario, many firms have had to adjust their emphasis, review their existing timeframes, and rethink how they function. Companies that prioritized the digitalization of their business, particularly investments in analytics and automation, have fared the best during this crisis. Nonetheless, AI continues to be a source of consternation for many business leaders across industries.

Why is data analytics used to solve business problems?

Businesses sometimes overlook the fact that the most complicated business issues can be solved using analytics by utilizing the most recent data analytics solutions. It is critical to understand that the analyst spends approximately 70% - 80% of his or her time generating analytical files.

Only the remaining 20-30% is spent on developing a solution. Predictive models or simple business rules are used in this approach to solution creation. A corporation can use analytics tools to extract simple structured data and reduce its effort in retrieving unstructured and semi-structured information.

The rising need for an analytical solution has compelled businesses to invest in analytics solutions that will allow business users and employees across the enterprise to get the answers they need. Businesses can use these powerful tools to perform complex analytics without the need for programming assistance from data scientists. As a result, businesses will gain a new competitive advantage and the ability to unearth previously undetected patterns, propelling them to a position of influence.

Today's problem solving necessitates a new outlook in order to obtain these insights quickly and efficiently, and there is a need for a cohesive technological change to displace the conventional data analytics tools and dissolve the walls between business groups.

Technology behemoths have demonstrated what can be accomplished when data and analytics are at the core of a business model. Needless to mention, the world's most successful firms are all data-driven, with their focus on leveraging data to understand, market to, and increase income from their customers. This cultural shift of democratization of access to data and analytics across an organization has allowed these organizations to capitalize on the data economy and drive digital transformation.

Analytic Process Automation, or APA, is a new category that could be the key to capturing the best of man and machine at scale. APA automates business processes and provides immediate self-service access to business-critical data insights to even the most inexperienced knowledge workers. In reality, this implies that more employees will be able to use as well as gain from data with hardly any training.

This, in turn, alleviates the long-standing friction between data specialists and business managers, the latter of whom has relied on the former's access to critical information. APA de-emphasizes data analytics at a level that the business sector has never seen before.


Data Science as we all know is emerging as an extremely important profession in the present scenario and it is important to have a data analytics certification to be an expert in this field. There are good data analytics courses in India that provide data analytics certification and will also increase your career prospects if you wish to pursue it further.

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