Why Indian Businesses are adopting Fast Oracles Self-driving Database?

The era of automation and cloud is here. In order to drive success and delight customers, Indian companies are looking to Fast Oracle Self driving databases. 

Data drives the world. Be it consumer insights such as shopping behavior, music preference or payment preferences. Today companies are leveraging the power of technology to crunch large amounts of data. Digital transformation has become an integral factor behind a company’s growth. When we take a closer look at how large amounts of data is processed and stored, we know that the possibilities are endless thanks to automation and cloud.

Companies such as Oracle have been leaders in the space for decades are now combining technology pillars such as machine learning, automation and cloud to provide solutions such as ‘self-drive database’. In simple terms, what it means with minimal human intervention, the power of data, businesses are able to achieve high performance at a lower cost.

Take for example, a clothing brand that wants to improve their point of sale interactions to enhance customer experience. How can they do it? By using the ‘Autonomous Cloud Service’ by Oracle, the brand is able to extract and manage relevant data which can support the end customer experience. All this can be done in an Agile business courses enterprise by unlocking deep insights from large amounts of data.

Furthermore, services such as Autonomous Database not only automate the whole process but also take into consideration data privacy, protection against cyber-attacks, data thefts and storage. Organisations that undergo Agile business training can unlock the true potential of autonomous services.

Some of the key attributes which can help companies invest in such services are:

Automation of Management Processes

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Autonomous Database provide companies with integrated solutions such as data management, repair, tuning and upgrade to ensure business continuity and growth. 

Reduces Cost of Operations

Due to minimal or zero human intervention, businesses can focus on leveraging key customer insights derived from data thereby reducing operational costs. 

Data Privacy

Data Privacy has become a top priority for most organisations today and implementing a software database storage solution provides them with the opportunity to safeguard data on cloud against cyber-crimes.

Take Strategic Decisions Fast

In an agile world, a key factor that comes into play is when businesses are provided with an opportunity to take quick, decisions. From a strategy perspective, Autonomous Data Warehouses offer this as a part of the solution.
Using a traditional database is time-consuming, and Indian businesses are catching on. Due to the exponential value that self drive databases provide Indian companies are adopting this in order to accelerate growth.

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