Why embodied learning is essential to careers in artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence and machine learning courses by E&ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati

Technology is now instrumental in every business process and artificial intelligence is the newest tool that companies are trying to implement. Therefore, there is a vast scope for jobs in the field. However, for a career in artificial intelligence, you need to invest in learning about the discipline. Embodied learning or learning that involves both the body and the mind, is crucial in an artificial intelligence course.

This is because the field of artificial intelligence is developed by closely observing and replicating human behavior. If you are looking for such a program that will help you focus on a career, you can choose Imarticus Learning's AIML course. This course involves the best learning methods and an industry-oriented curriculum to provide the necessary training. 

How Can Embodied Learning Help in an Artificial Intelligence Career? 

If you wish to learn AI and establish a career in that field, you need to invest in the process of embodied learning. This is particularly because embodied artificial intelligence is developing quickly. According to Linda Smith's 2005 hypothesis, intelligence is a reaction to or a product of the sensorimotor activity, and it is born out of the interaction between the environment and an agent.

While this is true in terms of human intelligence and cognitive function, it is also true for artificial intelligence, which at the most basic level mimics human behavior in a faster and more error-free space. 

Embodied learning is crucial for artificial intelligence because it helps to focus on data or metrics that are generated from a human perspective. Thus, there is a greater chance for that data to be accurate once it is implemented to optimize various processes.

When you participate in embodied learning, you are able to appreciate where artificial intelligence draws from and why it is essential to understand human cognition. Once you become a professional in the field, this same training will prepare you to combine computer vision, Internet AI, and Natural Language Processing to generate outcomes that are more closely related to human patterns. Such AI solutions will therefore have more potential to positively impact the business processes. 

Why is Imarticus Learning a Good Choice for a Career in Artificial Intelligence? 

To participate in embodied learning and to have a better understanding of what embodied artificial intelligence is, you can opt for Imarticus Learning's certificate course in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This AI certification program is for students who have completed their Bachelor's or Master's in statistics, mathematics, economics, computer science, engineering, or science and have a minimum of 50% in graduation.

If you are eligible you can enroll in our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning certificate course. The mode of learning for this training is online and it is done through live lectures so that you can learn, interact and build contacts with academicians and industry professionals.

We have collaborated with the E&ICT Academy and IIT Guwahati to create the course curriculum. Therefore, you will be learning from the best academicians in the field and they will be able to give you a holistic education in embodied artificial intelligence.

You will also be receiving industry certification which will prepare you for interviews with renowned companies in the industry. We at Imarticus Learning ensure hands-on training and experience for all our students. Once you enroll in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course, you will be able to sit for live lectures every week.

The lectures are held for 8 hours each week and you can interact with your teachers, guest lecturers, and peers. Such interactions will help you develop a complete understanding of embodied learning and its implementation in the field of artificial intelligence.  

The practical training and experience portion of our program is offered through project work and assignments. You will get to participate in 25 industry-related projects and focus on assignments that deal with real-world issues. This will prepare you for the current industry and help you become the best potential employee possible.

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