Why Do Data Scientists Need To Learn Java?

Java has today regained its prominence as the most popular language suite for developers and has outrun both R and Python. This is not surprising since Java boasts of the largest community of developers and also has applicability, compatibility, and ease of learning to aid it. AI, ML, and data sciences are all relying on the JavaScript suite and its applications and these are the areas seeing rapid evolution and need for personnel.

Further, when demand rises the payouts get better. Career aspirants and career-changers both are ready to learn data science and are flocking to these fields and this only adds to the popularity of Java as the ultimate weapon in the developer’s kit.

Here are the top reasons to learn data science and Java.

  1. The old-gold class: Being the oldest language in enterprise development it is frequently found that legacy systems have their infrastructure already running on Java. This means you have probably used R or Python for modeling and have to rewrite the models to suit the system running in Java.
  2. Wide frameworks: The Big-Data tools and frameworks like Flink, Spark, Hive, Hadoop and Spark are Java-based. Familiarity in the Java-stack is thus easier for analysts working with large data volumes and big data with Hive and Hadoop.
  3. Libraries aplenty: Java has toolsets and a great variety of libraries for ML applications and data science applications. Take a look at Deeplearning4j, Java-ML, Weka, or MLlib to quickly resolve and issues in data science.
  4. REPL and Lambdas: While Lambdas that came with Java 8 altered the verbosity in Java, the recent REPL of Java 9 adds iterative development to the developer kit. It is now easy to learn and work in Java than it initially was.
  5. Virtual Machine in Java:  JVM helps write multi-platform identical codes facilitating rapid customization of the tools required. With the IDEs variety on offer, developers can be more productive.
  6. Strongly Typed: This does not refer to classic static typing. Rather it deals with Java being able to specify the types of variables and data the developer needs to work with. The strong typing feature is especially useful in large data applications and is a feature that is well-worth the developer’s time in avoiding trivial unit test writing and in maintaining the code base of applications.
  7. Scala in JVM: Heavy data applications make learning Scala easier when you code in Java. The Scala framework is awesome since it provides data science support and other frameworks of the likes of Spark can be built atop it.
  8. Provides jobs: Other than the SQL requirements, it is Java that is most popular in the job-space as per the chart indexed below. All the more reason to learn data science and Java for developers!
  9. Scalability: Application scaling in Java is rapid and excellent making it the developer’s choice for writing complex and larger AI ML applications. Especially so if you are writing the program ground-up since then you only need the one language of Java coding.
  10. Speed: Java is fast and provides for fast integration in heavy large-scale applications. The likes of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter rely on Java for heavy data engineering.

A data scientist/ developer is the one who is the single point of contact for the data itself. They take the data both structured or unstructured and use a wide variety of engineering, statistical, mathematical, and programming skills to spot trends and arrange the data organizing and managing the data to resolve the targeted outcomes. In essence, they are the people the analysts look up to for the data they need to analyze.

Practical skills required:

Let the truth be told, even if you do your master’s or a Ph.D., to be a good and effective data scientist you will need to also garner training for technical skills in:

  • Proficiency in social sciences
  • Programming in R and Python
  • Coding and writing with the Java suite
  • BigData querying  on Hadoop framework
  • Coding and SQL-Databases
  • Apache Spark
  • AI, ML, and Neural networks
  • Visualization of data
  • Working with unstructured data

You could also bolster your knowledge in managing data through online MOOCs, tutorials, and courses. Ensure your training partner for paid courses is a reputed institute like Imarticus Learning as they offer to train you for professional certifications and also award certifications that are valued in the industry.


If you’re an analyst, Data Scientist, Deep Learning or ML Engineer the Java skill quotient is worth improving when you are eyeing lucrative and in-demand development jobs. You should learn data science and Java at Imarticus Learning if you want to stay ahead of the job-curve.

For more detailed information regarding this and for further career counseling, you can also contact us through the Live Chat Support system or can even visit one of our training centers based in - Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Gurgaon, and Ahmedabad.

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