What you need to look for in an artificial intelligence and machine learning course

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What you need to look for in an artificial intelligence and machine learning course

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two highly demanded career opportunities in the present market. A lot of aspirants are unsure about which career path they should choose. This can be a real confusion because Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are tools used in Data Science and any product related to AI demands you to have strong knowledge in the field of Artificial Intelligence. 

You can avail artificial intelligence and machine learning training from any reputed institution and future-proof your career. By choosing the right AIML course you can get an assured career in Data Science with lucrative job opportunities that are relevant to your field of study.  To know more about this program in Data Science and Machine Learning, read below: 

What should you look for in a productive Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Course? 

These are the things you should look for in an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course:

  • Industry projects 

You can be assured that the course will benefit you if it delivers where you can use the skills you’ve learned and get hands-on experience. 

  • Type of learners and learning 

You must ensure that the program has learners belonging from varied backgrounds, experiences, and geographies, they have better networking by which they can offer new opportunities and experiences. 

  • Learning support 

If you get constant learning support from the program and it allows you to choose your class timings, you’ll find it easier and faster to learn based on your schedule. 

  • International recognition 

If the program is certified by reputed industries or international universities, it can add a lot of value to your resume. So, you must check whether the course you’re opting for has international recognition or not. This will increase your chances of having a lucrative career in machine learning

  • Type of tools and skills that are included 

Don’t forget to check the type of skills and tools which are covered by the course you’re enrolling for. If you get to learn about using the in-demand skills and tools, the course will become more useful for you.

Why should you opt for this course in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning? 

If you’re still looking for reasons to opt for this course, here are some important ones you can consider: 

  • Acquire job-relevant skills 

Brace yourself for an exciting career in Data Science by mastering the in-demand AI and Data Science skills. The course involves 25 realistic projects which focus on delivering exposure to varied industries. You can assure yourself of a strong career in Data Science with this course. 

  • Licensed by E&ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati 

Grab your employees' attention and show off your AI skills with a certificate from E&ICT Guwahati and Imarticus Learning, one of India's most reputed academic partnerships. 

  • Well-known academic faculty 

You can take classes from one of the most reputed faculty in the country through discussions and live online sessions. The sessions delivered by these academic professors will guide you in developing clear Data Science concepts. The industry experts also help you in getting hands-on experience in implementing the concepts you learn. You can also work on realistic projects based on Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and AI. 

  • Flexible learning 

The curriculum of this course has been designed as per the NEP 2020 which gives you the flexibility of transferring the program credits for almost 1 year. 

What’s this program all about? 

best data analytics course

This certificate program in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence has been created in partnership with IIT Guwahati, E&ICT Academy, and industry giants to deliver a unique learning experience to the aspirants of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The duration of this program is 9 months and it helps you get prepared for many job roles like Data Analyst, AI Engineer, Data Scientist, and Machine Learning Engineer. 

This program can strengthen your basic skills in AI. Get the best out of expert mentors and acquire a practical knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We offer real-world projects from varied industries for you to work on. This course can be very helpful for you in unlocking profitable career opportunities in all related fields of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. 


That’s all you should know about this very beneficial program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. If you’re aspiring to a career in Data Science, you must have a clear concept of both Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Both AI and ML are tools used in Data Science. This course can effectively help you in building and strengthening your Data Science. There’s no need for you to give a second thought and enroll for this course as soon as you can. It is very easy to register for this program and you just need to visit our official website to apply. So, don't waste any more time, and go ahead! 

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