What Makes an Imarticus - UCLA Certified Analytics & AI Professionals To Be Forever in Demand

Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Course

Modern-day technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning), data analytics, etc. are revolutionizing the working culture of businesses & firms. Analytics professionals use these technologies to ease & pace the analytics process.

Analytics professionals are required to extract meaningful insights from huge chunks of unorganized data to make better business decisions. Professionals with a certification from a reliable source surely get an edge over others when it comes to upward mobility.

Let us see how can you get the Imarticus – UCLA certification in Analytics & AI along with its benefits.    

Course Overview

Imarticus provides a post-graduate program in Analytics & Artificial Intelligence in collaboration with UCLA Extension which is a major certificate issuing institution in the United States.

Analytics and Artificial Intelligence CourseYou will get dual certification from two reputed sources if you opt for this course. Many individuals have built their Analytics and Artificial Intelligence careers successfully with the help of this course.

You will be receiving live training from world-class celebrities from UCLA & Imarticus. This course has around 400+ hiring partners with a 3-30 lakh salary range. You should have completed your graduation with at least 60% marks to enroll in this course.

Let us see how Imarticus – Analytics & AI professionals are forever in demand.

Broad Course Contents

This 28 weeks long online course covers all the aspects of analytics & AI along with data science fundamentals which helps in building a successful career. You will get to know about various tools/languages via this course like Python, Scikit-learn, Keras, TensorFlow, NLTK, OpenCV, etc. The major topics which will be covered in this course are as follows:

  • Data Science Fundamentals – You will be introduced to statistics in the first four weeks. You will also get to learn Python basics during this tenure. After that, you will perform data analysis with Python. Various concepts of data processing & statistics like central tendency, standard deviation, Z-score, etc. will be taught to you.
  • Machine Learning – ML will be taught to you for 6 weeks. Various topics of machine learning like multiple regression, correlation analysis, dummy variables, etc. will be taught to you. You will also be able to run various ML models in Excel in the practical classes. You will also learn about data science business models developed with the help of machine learning.
  • Deep Learning – Deep learning is a cutting-edge technology used for forecasting & enhancing decision-making ability. You will be taught about deep learning with an industry-first approach for 6 weeks.
  • NLP – Natural Language Processing (NLP) has helped in enhancing the ways humans react with computers. It has also automated the analytics process in firms/organizations. You will be studying this topic for about 4 weeks.
  • Computer Vision – You will be taught about computer vision, an AI-based technology that helps computers in extracting information for digital images and videos. You will focus on this topic for around two weeks including practical classes.

Pros of the Course

Besides the gravity of certifying institutions, the teaching methodology of this course ensures that the students will have a long run in the industry.


Analytics and Artificial Intelligence CourseThe pros of opting for this Imarticu's Analytics and Artificial Intelligence course are as follows:

  • This instructor-led training is self-paced so that you can take your time to understand concepts.
  • You will work on various in-class industry-oriented projects to know about the practices in the industry.
  • You will also come across practice projects, boot camps, capstone projects, workshops, etc. if you opt for this course.
  • You will also get to test yourself in a hackathon at the end of the course.
  • The last two weeks of the course will be dedicated to placement preparation where you will get to learn from industry experts. Imarticus also provide excellent placement support to its students.
  • You will be provided a dedicated program mentor to guide you through the course and also for career advice. You can also monitor your test results & course progress.Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Course


This course follows an industry-first approach to make you ready for the industry. You can build a successful career with the broad topic coverage & placement support of this course.

Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Curse

Enroll in the Imarticus – UCLA Analytics & AI course now!

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