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As a student of commerce, Supply chain management seems like a prospective career choice because of how lucrative the job role is in the market. Initially, as a rookie student with an interest in this field, I was more drawn towards this sector because of how in-demand this job role is. To elaborate, expert professionals in the supply chain sector are mainly involved in the management of the entire production flow of goods and services, between locations and businesses. It is also inclusive of the storage and movement of raw materials, inventory, and even finished goods. 

To make it big in Supply Chain Management, a background or a qualification in this field is a mandate. Students with commerce backgrounds are open to choosing any specialization or field they want after graduation or finishing higher studies. A professional six-month program in Supply Chain Management from IIT has indeed been a life-changing course. As expected from a top-tier premier institute like IIT, it is truly the best that one can go for if they want to make it big in this industry. 

Key Highlights of This Course

Needless to say, the very mention of IIT in your CV is bound to give your career a boost amongst the numerous candidates who apply for the same job role you are aiming for. Speaking from experience, it is an advantage over other potential candidates in this field. Down below is a list of some of the reasons why taking up this course has been one of the best decisions: -

Premium Faculty

As far as personal experience goes, studying a course in IIT has been more than an honor. It has lived up to every expectation because of the premium faculties in Supply Chain Management. One to one session with expert IIT faculty has indeed helped grasp the key concepts that are a mandate in this field.

Exclusively Designed by Professionals

This 6-months program is professionally designed by industry experts and IIT faculty for students to learn. Job roles involving e-commerce are increasing day by day because of the increasing amount of movement of goods and services. This has led to an increase in demand for supply chain management professionals. With the number of job roles that have increased for Supply Chain Management worldwide, it has indeed made it better for students with this certification. With more opportunities in the market, nailing a job has become much easier thanks to the IIT affiliation as well. 

Gaining Experience Through Learning

This course is designed to make you solve real-industry problems that will give you a simulation of working in the field itself. This experience is extremely helpful in understanding crucial concepts, developing skillsets that prove beneficial for professionals in this field, and even having a thorough grasp of business contexts as well. 

Campus Immersion 

You can participate in the three-day campus Immersion module to visit the IIT Roorkee campus. You can interact with peers and learn from the IIT faculty during the campus immersion. Visit the Delhi or Noida campus and work on the Capstone Project under the esteemed guidance of professional mentors.

Big Data and Analytics Knowledge

Supply chains are hubs of massive datasets making them a part of Big Data. This course had helped not only in training traditional techniques of Supply Chain management but has even implemented a data-centric approach to SCM-related decision-making.


Being fresh alumni of this elite supply chain and analytics management course is bound to take your supply chain career to heights you’ve never imagined. Enroll in the from Imarticus.

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