What Is The Scope Of Business Analysis?

The scope of the business analysis is all-encompassing as it works across the broad aim of business improvement with technology or without it. The spectrum of activities that fall under this field is a bit of management, finance, strategy making,dealing with both external and internal customers, ensuring regulatory and compliance issues are dealt with, strategising for better efficiency, cost analysis and everything that falls in between.

What Is The Future Of Business Analysis?

Uninteresting example is the development of the iPod. It was known that Hitachi had developed a mini-storage of 1 GB data capacity and were unable to take it to the market. At the same time, Apple had developed a music app that could not be used independently of storage capacity.Steve Jobs put these two together to produce the hugely popular invention he called the iPod. He was a successful entrepreneur.

The above success story can not only be inspirational, but it can also clearly demonstrate how a smart business analyst can use ML, AI, data analytics and predictive technology to create innovative products and steer the enterprise to success and huge profits.

Across the board the last decade has seen technological advances and replacement of repetitive jobs by AI. The need for business analysis and profits for the enterprise will never end. Technological advancements will also continue happening. However, most importantly the need for smart analysts with domain-expertise has far exceeded the supply.

Why Do Business Analysis Courses?

With technology implementation, most roles across various departments are collaborative and involve other teams and specialists across the organisation. The scope for experienced and tech-savvy business analysts’ role is growing exponentially. The job role of the Business Analyst is lucrative and offers great payouts.

This role is one of the front line management roles responsible for a variety of management and strategy processes. The need of the hour is to have expertise in technology related to functioning. This would obviously mean acquiring a new skill set if you are employed or re-training those employees vital to the organisation.


A prerequisite to becoming a Business Analyst would be that you have a technological background (Ex: IT Graduates) or that you have relevant domain expertise (Ex: Commerce Graduates with knowledge of systems used). You will also need to have some relevant experience in the management of internal and external customers as well as in assessing and analysing requirements needs and issues for which you need to develop workable solutions.

Business analysis courses:

Retrain and re-skill at Imarticus Learning. They offer an IIBA-endorsed and recognized Business Analysis Certification Program. The topics covered here help you gain the much-required expertise and immersive exposure to Business Analysis, and the technology powering techniques and frameworks on BABOK 3.0 which has recently been prescribed as the norm.

The best feature here is that you learn in real time on relevant projects by working on case-studies, workshops,seminars and project work. You will thus have a well-rounded education and anew set of skills to handle multi-tasking with the best tools, techniques, and practices from industry-drawn certified trainers.

If you qualify then don’t wait any longer. Retrain and upgrade your skills today.

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