What is the Future of Scrum Master?

What is the Future of Scrum Master?

Someone who facilitates the functioning of an agile development team is a scrum master. Scrum is a technique that enables a team to organize themselves and make necessary changes rapidly, all in compliance with agile principles; essentially the exchange of important data through an agile medium.

Post completion of a scrum master certification course, this is exactly where a scrum master fits in, by managing the process of exchanging data seamlessly. Both the front and centre function of growth is handled by a scrum master, who also ensures the team is at the peak of its performance.

He also performs various roles such as a coach, motivational speaker, mentor or manager, to solve and manage the problems that occur during the development stage of a product.

While most skills are learned on the job, a scrum master certification course always helps in paving the way for a bright future. Here are the future career prospects for a scrum master:

● Take the role of a mentor- This is the perfect role for a scrum master who has learned that his ultimate passion lies in the creation and development of a product, often regardless of what kind of a product it is. A scrum master who enjoys the process of product development more than the actual creation of the product is a good fit into the role of a mentor or an agile coach to train other aspiring scrum masters.

Not only does he get the opportunity to impart the knowledge he has gathered from his experiences so far, but also gets to tackle newer challenges as well. It also helps the team he is leading, to become more self-sufficient to improve their organising capabilities.

● Become a product owner- Some scrum masters realize that they are more interested in their team’s collective effort of creating a product rather than the process that goes into creating it. These scrum masters are becoming excellent candidates for taking up the responsibility of product ownership.

Often most of them learn so much about the product, it's market, target customer base, and other requisites in the process of building it, that this alone leads them to become excellent product owners. Most product ownership roles require a certification, hence a scrum master certification course may come in really handy.

● Become a development manager- Without exerting too much authority on their teams, scrum masters become skilled in leading teams and providing guidance. While most scrum masters work closely with team managers, if a scrum master’s skills are on point, in terms of both technology and management, he would definitely be a good fit for a development manager or in fact with relevant experience even a team director.

● Consultant in a financial services firm- An experienced scrum master is a good fit for a consultant role at a financial firm. Along with enabling agility, his job would also include self-management in his team, while bringing up the quality of work delivered and increasing productivity.

He could also increase cooperation among teams and the management while also putting his coaching abilities to use to guide the software product, development teams.

● Consultant in a marketing firm- A scrum master can move to a marketing firm as a consultant and structure teams to develop planning and budgeting, release and execution of plans, managing issues and resolving them, work-related project controls.

He would also be responsible for monitoring their status and providing them with hands-on guidance while sticking to schedules, budgets, and scope of work. An experienced professional who has completed a scrum master certification course also facilitates the creation of the key product of the company. Often he is the one held responsible for guiding the team to create and maintain backlogs, as well.
A scrum master can follow multiple paths by either choosing to become a mentor, manager, product owner or just work with more difficult teams. The abilities learned in becoming an excellent scrum master will definitely come in use while always leaving enough room for improvement.

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