What is Data Analyst Certification?

Data Analytics Certification

A data analyst certification is a short-term course that makes you eligible for the entry-level job as a data analyst. The responsibility of an analyst is to find the relevant data for a business to process, analyze, and design it to the best effect for better business prospects.

Finding out the latest trends in any business helps with its growth and attracting more customers or clients. It is the data analyst who processes such data to find the best solution for the ideal growth of the business.

The course

A data analyst certification course includes the understanding of the analyzing tools, certain programming languages to use the data properly, and statistical awareness to compile the data and results to come up with a workable plan.

Most of the certification courses offer real time business experience in collaboration with a specific business or company. It helps the student to have actual experience in the field and what to expect from the job.

Some courses also help with the placement or provide interview opportunities.

Eligibility for the certification

Although knowledge in computer science would be an added advantage, most of the data scientist courses are open for graduates in any field. The most common eligibility criteria include a degree in Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics, Economics, etc.

Having prior knowledge in programming languages, SQL database, data warehouses, Advanced MS Excel, etc would be an added advantage. Knowledge in these areas would help develop the necessary skills for an analyst to polish and develop the expertise.

The role of an analyst

An analyst is someone who handles the analysis part. Nowadays, almost all businesses utilize the huge bank of data provided by their customers to their best opportunities. In addition to this, there are also various sales and statistical data which could also be an ideal opportunity to grow the business.

Imagine the data to be a thousand-piece puzzle board mixed with other irrelevant puzzle pieces.
An analyst must be able to spot the relevant pieces, categorize them, and analyze it to find the right position to fit into, to make up the whole board complete.

In a similar manner, the analyst needs to find the relevant data, process it properly using the analytics tools, and design it into a workable format using the various programming tools and statistics.

What is expected?

Data analysis in a constantly growing and demanding profession. A data analyst is expected to have certain skills to make the job more efficient. These skills are not confined to academic levels.

A creative mind to interpret the data and a good analytical mind are highly relevant for the analysis. An analyst must have an analytical mind and be creative to use the facts, figures, and specifications to design the plan and execute it well.

As an analyst, you will be expected to predict the change in the business market and find out what the clients need or expectations from the business.

An analyst will need to go understand the goal of the business, go through the data to select the most relevant information. Then, this information is utilized to devise a plan to promote the business and attract more clients.

Enrolling into a quality data analyst certification course is only the first step into the bigger reality called the data analytical world. As mentioned, finding out the latest trend is the key to better prospects and more often this key might be well hidden behind the vast database. An efficient analyst should be able to spot such openings to make way for the inevitable.

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