What Are The Steps To Become a Data Scientist From a Non-Technical Field?

Data Science Course

A data scientist is a professional who is in the authority of collecting, analyzing and understanding large amounts of data. This job deals with advanced analytics technologies like machine learning and predictive modeling. Some of the basic responsibilities of this role include collecting and analyzing data, using different types of reporting tools to detect the trends, patterns, and relationships in various data sets. In today’s scenario, a data scientist is one of the best professions to pick as a career.

Scope of a non-technical person as a data scientist

To understand the scope, firstly, the term non-technical person should be defined. It refers to a person from a non-engineering background. Basically, the person may be from any educational background but should have the right approach. He or she should be ready to put in a lot of time and effort. Self-motivation is a must to mentally prepare oneself to learn whatever is essential to become a successful data scientist.

Try enrolling in a good data science course to give shape to the career. Eventually, you will realize the time invested in learning the matter will prove to be one of the best long term investments in your career.

Steps to become a data scientist from a non-technical field

Coming from a non-technical background, to become a successful data scientist following this six-step guide can prove to be really helpful:

  • Broaden the skill level with the help of a planned course – For those who are a fresher in the area of data science, they should enroll in a well-structured course. An ideal syllabus should cover the basics of the programming languages R and Java, Big Data handling, deep learning a part of machine learning, data visualization, probability, and statistics.
  • Get in touch with some mentors in this field – When venturing into any new field, a mentor’s guidance plays an important role in guiding one through the best path. Getting in touch with an experienced person helps in building a network and getting valuable lessons.
  • Try to attend every event held in the town or online – Attending such events are a great way to gather information from industry experts in this In-person events are better as that has a scope of open conversations.
  • Appear for mock interviews – Only preparations are not enough. When one is looking for a job opportunity in data science, having a basic idea of what the hiring managers are seeking, is very important. Attending mock interviews is the best way to measure one’s expertise level.
  • Never compromise with the basics – If one is serious about a career in data science, then familiarity with any one of the basic areas is really important. This helps in tuning the intellectual capacities of analyzing and interpreting data.
  • Stay open to learning new things – In the field of data science, remember there is no end to learning. So, don’t hesitate to learn new things from your peers or seniors as you move ahead in your career path. But remember there should be a methodical approach in whatever you do. Keep strengthening your basic knowledge and read books related to data science.


Following these simple steps will make one’s transition from a non-technical field to the domain of data science not only interesting but also hassle-free. To get the real feel of this process of shifting, it is recommended that one checks out the online videos of some real-life examples of people who made it possible and are successful data scientists today.

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