What are the Perks of Learning Data Science with Imarticus post COVID-19?

Covid-19 has pushed most corporate sectors to the inside of people's homes. This in turn has made the already big flow of data turn into a tidal wave. Basically, the whole industry more or less relies on data analytics now. Experts state that there is going to be a major hike in the positions for data scientists in the near future.

artificial intelligence and machine learning coursesHowever, one thing to be concerned about is that it is going to make the already competitive industry even more neck and neck.  The first preference for positions is going to be data scientists with experience, and then freshers with a high level of skills.

The best thing to do in this situation is to properly learn data science with artificial intelligence and machine learning from a good institution.

Imarticus Learning is one of the topmost options when it comes to data science in this country. They offer PG programs in the data science course with placement in renowned companies. This will give you a much-needed boost when you are starting as a fresher in the sharp-edged competitive world of data science.

Major changes

Because of the world working in a virtual space, it has recently been in the trend for companies to hire professionals from other parts of the country along with locals. This is true for all sectors, not just data science. The perk of this trend is you can get a job anywhere in the country without moving an inch from your home. The downside is, you're competing against numerous data scientists all over the country.

The only thing that will give you an edge over others in this condition is to learn data science from institutions that will put you in a speed race with a proper destination. Basically, institutes that will enhance your skills to the maximum while giving you a placement offer right out of your course.

This will help you gain all the real-world experience you might miss out on while being stuck at home, as companies used to provide workshops as well as in-person training for the new data scientists joining the team.

 Benefits of a data science course with Imarticus Learning post Covid-19

Many institutes in India offer an artificial intelligence and machine learning course after graduation. Imarticus Learning is one of the foremost institutions when it comes to this field. They have various forms of learning to offer, such as full-time courses for students, as well as part-time ones for working professionals who want to polish their skills again or change careers. There are lots of benefits of getting a data science degree from Imarticus Learning, such as:

  • They offer a full-time course, as well as a part-time one for those already with a job.
  • They have a course set so versatile that you will never have any problems working in any sector with your data science degree.
  • They provide a data science course with placement offers to renowned companies in different sectors. So, you have a chance of working in your dream job right from the start.


If expert reports are to be followed, companies in the future may be inclined to hire more versatile workers than specialists. So future data scientists will need to be razor-sharp all the time with an ability to do a variety of different types of work at the same time. Check out Imarticus Learning's all-rounded PG program on data science if you are thinking of pursuing this career or re-polishing your skills.

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