What are the advantages of pursuing data science and machine learning certification course

Data science and analytics course

Machine learning (ML) and data science have distinct functions and goals. Machine learning is a set of methodologies that enables computer technology to learn from data, whereas data science is a strategy to extract insights from data.

However, there is a similarity between data science and machine learning. Both the fields employ arithmetic, statistics, and algorithms to derive value from data. If you want to pursue a career in data science or machine learning, then a certificate program in data science and machine learning will help you get a headstart in your career. 

What is data science?

Data science deals with data to gain essential business insights. It is a multidisciplinary way of analysing vast volumes of data. The demand for data scientists has increased in today’s market.

What is machine learning? 

best data science and machine learning course

Software programmes can predict outcomes more correctly with machine learning, a subset of artificial intelligence, without needing explicit instructions. ML algorithms come up with new output values through the previous data. Machine learning is vital because it helps create new things and provides businesses with a picture of trends in consumer behaviour. For many companies, machine learning has emerged as a necessary vital differentiation. An IIT Roorkee machine learning certification course will be perfect for you if you want to pursue a career in the field.

Role of machine learning in data science  

Machine learning  is implemented in data science  in the following steps: 

Step 1: Data collection

Data collection is the first step in machine learning. Notably, machine learning assists in gathering and analysing any kind of data (structured, unstructured or semi-structured) from any database throughout systems following the business challenge. 

Step 2: Data preparation and cleansing 

Data preparation uses various ML techniques for assessing the data and making features according to the business requirements. When defined correctly, ML systems comprehend the elements and connections between them.

Data in the real world is dirty and polluted with inconsistencies, partial information, noise,  and missing values. Thus, you will have to clean the data after data preparation is finished.

Machine learning allows us to quickly and automatically identify missing data, do data imputation, encode category columns, and eliminate outliers, duplicate rows, and null values.

Step 3: Model training 

The machine learning method's selection and the training data's calibre are essential components of model construction. The requirements of the end user are used to select ML algorithms.

You should also consider the model method's complexity, performance, interpretability, computer resource requirements, and speed if you want your models to be more accurate.

After selecting the best machine-learning technique, the training data set is divided into two halves for training and testing. This is done to determine the bias and variance of the ML model.

The model training procedure will produce a functional model that can be further evaluated, validated, and deployed.

Step 4: Model prediction 

Understanding prediction mistakes is essential when discussing model prediction (bias and variance).

Having a solid understanding of these issues would make it simpler to construct accurate models and prevent the flaws of overfitting and underfitting the model.

To further reduce prediction errors, a good data science project should find the right balance between bias and variance.

Advantages of pursuing a data science and machine learning certificate course

The best way to learn about the two is through a certified course. Here we have listed some of the benefits of a data science and ML certification course:

  • You can use your technical expertise and knowledge of ML and data science principles like probability, deep learning, mathematical modelling, statistical analysis, and data optimisation to impact your work.
  • You get familiar with the ideas behind supervised and unsupervised learning models that can forecast various types of behaviour.
  • The most prestigious businesses in virtually every industry across international marketplaces have a high demand for certified data science and machine learning training specialists.
  • Obtaining a professional data science and machine learning certification is one of the best methods to stand out. It will demonstrate to employers that you possess the skills and knowledge required to succeed in your position.
  • Data science and machine learning are both new and constantly growing in demand. A certified course in these areas will put you a step ahead in your career.


A certified course is the best way to learn if you want to know more about machine learning and data science. The Imarticus IIT Roorkee Data Science and Machine Learning course spans 5 months and offers live training by IIT faculty and industry experts. In addition, one can avail personalised mentorship for building start-ups and funding. 

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