What are some Data Analytics Internship questions?

Data Analytics Course


What do Data Analysts do?

Data analytics (DA) is the science that deals with examining raw data sets to understand the useful information they contain. This process is aided by specialized software systems. Data analysts use technologies to facilitate organizations to take business decisions in a more efficient way. The main goal is to boost the business performance of the company by improving operational efficiency and increasing the profit rates.  The positions of a business analyst, data analyst and a data scientist differ in terms of technicality. In other words, the business analysts are least technical, data analysts being more technical and the data scientists are the most technical.      

Scope and Career Prospects of Data Analytics

The scope of data analytics is progressively huge in India. Every workplace being more technology-based, there is a great demand for professionally trained data analysts, who can efficiently record and analyze data to solve business problems.  

Data analysts can work in companies that offer banking services, fraud detection jobs, telecommunications, etc. Also, they can find employment in any private technology firms and in big reputed tech companies. In India Bengaluru, hosts 27% of analytics jobs, followed by Delhi and Mumbai.

Now that you are aware of the scope of data analytics, you should join data analytics courses that offer certification and alumni.

Data Analytics Course

Why Take Up Data Analytics As a Career?

  1. Bachelor’s degree is not enough, because a specialized degree is important.
  2. The increasing demand for data analysts in today’s world. 
  3. Data analytics can be a worthwhile contribution to your profession.
  4. It is a rewarding career, you can get a higher income. 

So, take up data analytics as a career and get a great opportunity to work with renowned Multi-National Companies.   

Qualifications of Data Analyst Intern

  1. Problem-solving skills
  2. Good communication skills and analytical skills.
  3. Strong business awareness.
  4. Knowledge in SQL.
  5. Programming knowledge and application skills.
  6. Efficient in Excel.
  7. Bachelor’s degree.

7 Data Analyst internship interview questions

What is the responsibility of a data analyst?

The responsibilities of a data analyst are,

  • To resolve business-related issues for clients.
  • To analyze results and interpret data by using statistical techniques.
  • To identify new areas for improvement.
  • Filter and clean data
  • Review computer reports. 

What are the steps involved in an analytics project?

The steps involved in an analytics project are:

  • Problem defining.
  • Data exploring.
  • Data preparation.
  • Validation of data.
  • Implementation.

What is data cleansing?

Data cleaning is the process of identifying and removing errors from data in order to improve the quality of data.

What are the best tools useful for data analysis?

  • Tableau
  • RapidMiner
  • OpenRefine
  • Google search operators
  • Solver
  • Wolfram Alpha’s

What can be done with suspected data or missing data?

  • A validation report should be prepared, which gives all the information about the suspected data.
  • Examine the suspicious data to determine their acceptability.
  • To work on missing data, use the best analysis strategy like deletion method, single imputation methods, etc.
  • Invalid data should be replaced with a validation code.

Explain N-gram?

An n-gram is a contiguous sequence of n items from a sequence of text or speech. It is a type of probabilistic language for predicting next item.

What is Map Reduce?

It is a framework to process large data sets, splitting them into subsets and processing each subset on a different server and blending results.

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