Wearable scanners boosting productivity in supply chain operations is the future

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Did you know that warehouse wearable technology has created a paradigm shift in how supply chain operations function? So, before you set sail on a supply chain management career, here’s a snapshot of how wearables in the warehouse are the future.

Wearables and accompanying apps have been in use for quite some time in warehouse operations. These are devices that are connected to the internet and worn on the head, face, wrist, or other body parts for hands-free communication. They are pretty much like activity and fitness trackers, but in the case of warehouse wearables, the technology helps workers perform supply chain tasks without having any additional mobile device in tow. 

Why Wearable Technology In the Supply Chain Is the Future

Wearable tools in supply chain operations include devices for hands-free scan verification, picking, and sorting. These devices have been improving warehouse productivity for decades and are here to stay for the foreseeable future. 

But what exactly are the benefits they confer on supply chain operations? Let’s find out.

Increased Productivity

Using wearable devices and freeing up employees’ hands dramatically enhances the speed of packing, picking, and shipping operations. Moreover, there is a significant increase in productivity when pickers can scan barcodes, receive instructions, and update inventory information without using a conventional handheld scanner or pen and paper.

Improved Accuracy

Wearable devices like scanners can reduce errors significantly since they eliminate the need for manual data entry. Furthermore, voice-directed wearable devices use voice commands over a headset to instruct employees about picking locations, SKU information, etc. These, along with hands-free barcode scanners and other automatic identification technology improve accuracy and increase productivity.

Identification of Inefficiencies

Awareness of the inefficiencies in the supply chain operations is as important as making the process more efficient. Identifying the obstacles that slow down processes make it easier to eliminate the hurdles. Wearable technology logs valuable information that can be helpful to identify inefficiencies and devise solutions. 

Improved Safety and Ergonomic Benefits

Most often, warehouse employees perform repetitive tasks that can cause injury and fatigue. Hence, warehouse wearables are designed to minimize the number of workplace injuries. For instance, these devices can monitor employees’ location, physical activity, and health, and if any unsafe activity or posture is detected, they provide real-time feedback to the wearer.

Enhanced Speed

Last but not least, the increased awareness that hands-free devices offer allows employees to complete their jobs more quickly. Using mobile computers while doing supply chain tasks is inconvenient, takes up time, and slows down the workflow. But wearables ensure there are minimum disruptions in the workflow, which, in turn, increases the speed of output. Thus, employees can cut down on the extra time wasted. 

Wearable solutions have made life in the warehouse much easier. Moreover, the evolution of machine learning and artificial intelligence has generated further value in the warehouse through robotics, computer vision, natural language processing, and similar sub-technologies. Overall, wearable solutions have transformed supply chain operations by boosting employee productivity and improving efficiency.

What To Look For In A Supply Chain Management Course?

Looking for a supply chain management online course? Well, there are several online courses that cater to the needs of professionals aspiring to make a career in the field of supply chain management. But before you settle for an SCM course, ensure that it has a robust curriculum incorporating key programming languages and tools like Python and Excel and hands-on learning with real-world projects.

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