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The virtual world so far was considered to be just that, having no direct tangible connections to the real, physical world. This scenario changed radically, with the big data and analytics, and finally now introduction of the concept of Virtual Reality. While the millennials have already been taken by the social media storm, with a majority of them being active across all social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and others, VR changed the entire game for them.
Virtual Reality glasses have become raging fad today and almost everyone either is obsessed with watching movies or playing games with Virtual Reality Glasses. This trend is skyrocketing by the minute, with Facebook and Google already adopting the virtual reality technology and YouTube starting to make their 360-degree videos, there’s a new player in the market. It's the picture sharing, social media application Snapchat. This app started off as an exclusive application where the users would share photos with each other while protecting their privacy as well.Image result for snapchat celebrity
This application came with some really note-worthy features like, you could decide the amount of time your pictures would be viewed for, you could also keep track of how many people viewed your stories, if anyone replayed or if someone took a screenshot of your photo. At the peak of its popularity, it was considered to be the best photo-sharing app, because it always offered users with the newest, fun ways to engage over social media. But then, it went on to do something, that totally changed the app-game as it was and resulted in Snapchat leaving behind all the other applications in terms of user engagement.

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Their first stride into the Virtual Reality world was with the acquisition of computer vision company, Obvious Engineering’s app Seene. Although at the time when this acquisition happened, it was kept all under wraps, but today you would be aware of its full effect from those much-loved snap chat filters. May it be
doggy ears or pumpkin face, Snapchat launched itself with successful ferocity in the world of augmented reality. This took full effect, when people went absolutely gaga over those 3D selfie lenses and the concept went viral, overnight.
While every other social media application and website, was trying their best to find out ways to connect the physical world, to the virtual one; Snapchat actually was the closest to it. While the virtual reality in this application, currently is only limited to these facial lenses that can be seen in selfie mode. These lenses, although working on 3D technology, are a little different from the actual augmented as there is no use of GPS, locations or any other face recognition features. These are just designs superimposed on your face, earlier these used to be just still designs but they have now evolved into full blown video filters and yes, they definitely are as exciting as they sound.
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Cut to the future, Snapchat has already launched new virtual reality glasses, which don’t just show you things but let you record small videos and post them on the app. Needless to say there’s some revolutionary technology right there. Apart from this, there was also the recent announcement of them hiring, an acclaimed Hollywood visual effects specialist. These are clearly tell tale signs of something big that definitely going to break the internet, surely millennials cannot wait for it to happen already.
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