Understanding deep learning and convolutional neural networks

artificial intelligence and machine learning courses in India

Understanding deep learning and convolutional neural networks

Deep learning, a subfield of Machine Learning, is here to rule the roost. The problem, however, is that there are only a few Python programs that build your skills in tandem with your final goals. Those that do train you to enhance the understanding of convolutional neural networks in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 

There is one such certification that might catch your eye at Imarticus. Experts from IIT Guwahati build your future Data Science career by designing our A-grade Certification in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. You can become a Machine Learning Engineer or a Data Scientist with this industry-approved Python Programming course. 

Why pick this course?

The certification has an excellent E&ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati, and Imarticus Learning-designed curriculum that is suitable for your career aspirations. The Python course will give you an edge over other tech and deep learning graduates who aspire to build sustainable futures. 

The entire curriculum is accessible online, but the mode of learning is hybrid because of real-world projects incorporated within the design. 

After you have aced the certification while learning at your own pace, you can join other professionals working at some of the best consultancies and tech companies today. During the 9-month certification course, you can also make the most of an excellent mentorship program. 

The course's real-world projects will take you a long way in understanding deep learning and convolutional neural networks. They will also help you understand your job profile once you have integrated it into the everyday culture of your future workplace. Skill alignment with the company's values bolsters the vision of Artificial Intelligence-led futures. 

Course features

It would be useful to remember a few salient features of the certification before signing up. Orienting yourself to benefit as much as possible from the curriculum and faculty is essential for a top-notch certification. 

  • The program aligns itself with your job prospects naturally. You participate in 25 hands-on projects and live sessions during the course. 
  • If you need to transfer your credits to a longer time frame, maybe even the next batch of students, there is an option to do so with a flexible learning system. 
  • Renowned industry leaders and a top-grade faculty will polish your skill sets in no time for you to reach your acme at any job. 
  • Improve your curriculum vitae with the recognition and value of this certificate course, designed by IIT-Guwahati, Imarticus, and E&ICT Academy. 

It is easy to see why all these features help you choose the right program for your career in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The meticulously designed curriculum and faculty enhance your raw talent swiftly and easily. They give you cutting-edge performance capacity in your future job. 

Your hard work and determination can seal those prospects that you choose to maximize through the hands-on training and live sessions. 

In closing

Python Programming is one of the basic coding languages that are useful for the foundation of your certification in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with Imarticus. A Python course can help you build a foundation in your chosen field of work and contribute to a technology-driven, sustainable future. 

Understanding deep learning and convolutional neural networks is made possible through certification in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These salient aspects of the 'future of humankind' must be understood to build and sustain an equitable and harmonious future. 

Artificial Intelligence can open up these possibilities now rather than in some distant future. Understand Artificial Intelligence to build a sustainable outlook in the world of global trade and commerce with this certification today. 

Connect with us through live chat support on Imarticus Learning. Our training centers in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, and Gurgaon are just a drive away. Come join us in learning about technology and the future.

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