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Future Of Corporate Training


Technology is developing at a fast pace these days. It is paving the way for more engaging and productive learning experiences for modern learners. The use of online or electric (e-learning) platforms, especially, is gathering steam. Organisations worldwide are tapping new-age corporate e-learning solutions to train, develop and upskill their workforce.

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As per a report, the corporate e-learning market will increase by $38.09 billion between 2020 and 2024. In the coming years, digital learning will evolve as an effective tool for upskilling employees, enhancing productivity and driving business growth. Emerging technologies will add substance, relevance and personalisation to the learning experience.

This article lays out the emerging trends and technologies that will shape the future of corporate e-learning.

Emerging Trends in Corporate E-Learning


This emerging technology encompasses giving small, bite-sized learning units to employees. It promotes easier content comprehension and retention. Learners can consume content through videos, podcasts, infographics, simulations and interactive modules.


It involves using game mechanics as an integral e-learning technique. Playing games makes online learning more engaging and motivating for learners. Gaming elements, such as points/scores, badges, leaderboards and progress tracking, add fun and competition features to the learning process. Leveraging innovative gaming tools will provide interactive and gamified experiences to employees in the future.


The corporates will prioritise providing personalised and impactful learning experiences to their employees in the future. They will focus on facilitating a learning environment where the employees can learn at their own pace. The Learning and Development leaders will invest in personalised training plans to cater to the distinct business needs and work ethics.

The future custom corporate e-learning solutions will use flexible and adaptive learning algorithms. It will have learning content tailored to the specific training needs of learners. The new-age programmes will provide flexibility to function online or offline, accessible through an app or a web browser and on mobile and desktop devices. Artificial Intelligence will help personalise learning content and provide real-time feedback to learners.

Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR)

VR/AR are productive tools to create a fully immersive e-learning environment. This technology allows learners to practise skills and scenarios in a safe and simulated setup. As a part of emerging corporate e-learning solutions, VR/AR will help employees learn complex digital concepts, simulate intricate processes and apply their knowledge in real-world situations.

Mobile Learning

It is an emerging trend that will be a boon for employees working in remote locations. They will use their mobile devices to access learning content anytime and from anywhere. Learning on the go will be a convenient and flexible learning method for time-crunched corporate employees.

To Sum Up

Corporate e-learning solutions are constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of the modern workplace. The future of corporate e-learning is promising and exciting. The emerging trends will make learning more interactive, engaging and personalised for future learners. The focus will be on custom corporate e-learning to devise a customised learning path for each employee.

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