Top Python Projects You Should Consider Learning?

Learn Python Programming

Understanding Python

Python is a high-level programming language that is used by programmers for general purpose. There’s a whole lot you can do after learning python, it can be used to develop web applications, websites, etc. You can also develop desktop GUI applications using python. Python is more advanced than other traditional programming languages and provides more flexibility by allowing you to focus on core functionalities and taking care of other common programming tasks.

One of the major benefits of python as a programming language is that the syntax rules of Python is very transparent and allows you to express models without writing any additional codes. Python also focuses on readability of codes. Building custom applications without writing additional code is also an advantage that Python offers. Being an interpreted programming language Python allows you to run the same code on multiple platforms without recompilation.

Why learn Python?

One of the major advantages of python programming language is that it is relatively simple to learn and has a smooth learning curve. It is a beginner-friendly programming language. The simple syntax used by Python makes it easy to learn programming language as compared to programming languages like Java or C++.

Python has a standard library and the external libraries are also available for users. This can help you to develop concrete applications quickly. You can easily learn python by enrolling in python programming course online. Let’s take a look at some of the top python projects that you can easily learn.

Guess the Number

This project will use the random module in Python. Some of the concepts that will be used while doing these projects are random functions, while loops, if/else statements, variables, integers, etc. Here, the program will begin by generating a random number that is unknown to the user. The user will have to provide and input by guessing this number.

If the user’s input doesn’t match the actual random number generated using the program, the output should be provided to indicate how close or far was the guess from the actual number. A correct guess by the user will correspond to a positive indication by the program.

You will need to apply functions to check three parts of this program; the first is the actual input by the user, secondly the difference between the input and the number generated and lastly to make comparisons between the numbers.

Password Generator

This is a very practical project given the use of password generators for everyday applications. You simply need to write a programme that helps to generate a random password for the user. Inputs required from the user are the length of the password to be generated, the frequency of letter and numbers in the password, etc. A mix of upper and lower case letters and symbols is recommended. The minimum length of the password should be 6 characters long.


You are already familiar with “Guess the Number” game, this is more of a “Guess the Word” game. The user has to input letters as guess inputs. A limit is required to be set on the total number of guesses a user can make. It is advisable to give the user 6 attempts at most to guess.  You will need to apply functions to check if the user has made a letter input or not.

You will also need to check if the input shared is there in the hidden word or not. You will have to find a solution to grab a word that will be used for guessing. The main concepts applicable in the Hangman project are variables, Boolean, char, string, length, integer, etc. It is comparatively more complex than the projects mentioned above.

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