Top 9 reasons to pursue an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course from IIT

artificial intelligence and machine learning courses in India

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning jobs are among the sexiest jobs in the 21st century. Many business organizations now depend on AI/ML for their day-to-day operations. As more and more companies are moving towards hyper-automation, the demand for AI/ML experts is also increasing.

Not to forget, many public sector services are now using AI/ML algorithms for boosting productivity. Many young students now prefer artificial intelligence and machine learning courses. Read on to know nine reasons to pursue artificial intelligence and machine learning course sponsored by IIT.  


  • best artificial intelligence courses by E&ICT Academy, IIT GuwahatiIt is a futuristic skill 


AI/ML has already created more than 100 million jobs across the globe. The number is going to increase in the coming years for both public and the private sector. People think that AI/ML will completely replace humans in industry operations. Well, someone is still needed to create smart AI/ML algorithms. AI/ML solutions aim at automating the mundane tasks in the industry. By taking up an IIT AI ML course, you can be future-ready. 


  • Wide range of applications 


AI/ML solutions aren’t limited to a single industry sector. Look around, and you will find AI/ML uses in every industry sector. Webmasters are using AI-led chatbots to deal with large customer queries on their sites. Large corporate organizations are using AI for monitoring and cybersecurity. Even the automobile industry is now making cars with built-in AI software. AI/ML solutions exist in every field and, you will build a successful career. 


  • Increase in data size 


A massive amount of data is being produced in the 21st industry. Organizations need to leverage the power of data analysis to boost productivity. AI/ML algorithms can analyze data at a superhuman speed. As the amount of data is ever-increasing, AI/ML experts are required to find innovative ways for data analysis. 


  • Better career opportunities 


If you complete an IIT AI ML course, you have a chance of receiving a lucrative job offer. Besides getting a good paycheck, AI/ML is a hot skill that will be in demand in the coming years. You can become an AI/ML analyst or an AI architect in a big organization after completing an IIT course. 


  • Industry-oriented learning 


We at Imarticus Learning, offer an industry-oriented AI/ML course that makes you job-ready. Your AI/ML course will be sponsored by IIT Guwahati which, is a leading technological institution in India. 


  • Rise of new-age products 


You must have heard of smart home/office appliances. AI/ML software is used behind smart appliances. By learning AI/ML, you can get a chance to work on innovative products. You can be a part of the change in the industry by learning AI/ML skills. 


  • Adapt with the evolution 


AI/ML applications will soon disrupt the legacy solutions in the public and private sectors. Soon, every corporate organization will plan its journey towards hyper-automation. Young students should always aim to learn in-demand skills. According to the current scenario, learn AI/ML skills to adapt to the industry evolution. 


  • Interesting road ahead 


AI and ML are interesting technologies that have a gradual learning curve. Also, AI/ML jobs are interesting as compared to other jobs in the industry. By learning AI/ML, you will have an interesting career path ahead. You will always be in the mix of innovation by learning AI/ML skills. 


  • Placement support 


If you opt for our artificial intelligence certification provided by IIT, you will also receive placement support. You will receive insider tips on how to bag a lucrative job offer in the AI/ML industry. The career assistance phase comes at the end of the AI/ML course. Start your AI/ML course by IIT Guwahati in 2022!  

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