Top 7 programming languages for those interested in AI/ML

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Top 7 programming languages for those interested in AI/ML

It is important to choose the right programming languages to suit your needs. Some languages are more suitable for working with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) than others. If you are planning to work with AI/ML, here are 7 top programming languages that you should definitely check out.

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You can take the help of a Machine Learning course once you are aware of the programming languages you wish to learn. Moreover, an AI certification is extremely important and almost a necessity for all the engineers working in this field.

These certificates, if acquired from renowned institutions, open up a lot of opportunities in the future for these engineers.


Python is a high-level language that is very commonly used in modern development processes. Python programming language is one of the very few programming languages that is consistently expanding its support and features along with its popularity. Python language is highly flexible and the codes are very simple (simple syntax). Python language is also very helpful in the web development aspect. The language is extensively used for building ML models or AI-driven systems. Python is also one of the most used programming languages for Data Science.

R Programming Language

The R programming language is mostly used for computing statistical operations. The R programming language has a huge variety of graphical and statistical techniques. R has huge numerical features and libraries that are needed for machine learning. R is free software that runs on various software such as Linux, Windows and macOS. Alongside Python, R is also used for Data Science and for developing AI systems that are driven by statistical methods and probabilistic graphical models.


C++ is one of the most popular programming languages used by most people in the world. C++ runs on a variety of operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and macOS. The Statistical AI approach is a part of neural networks and C++ works great with that. For the development of various deep learning libraries or machine learning libraries, C++ is used. C++ is also one of the oldest languages that have been used for developing AI or ML-based solutions.


Java is an object-oriented, class-based programming language that is made to have the least number of implementation dependencies. Java programming language can be used to make a single-version app. Java programming language has a lot of versions to keep the programming language up to date. Java has been heavily used for developing AI-driven opponents in games and other smart mobile solutions based on ML.


JavaScript, also known as JS, is the programming language used for web designing purposes. JavaScript is very easy to learn and it is the most popular programming language in the whole world. JavaScript allows one to write codes that are executed in different ways under different circumstances. JavaScript codes run on browsers. Even if a machine does not support JavaScript, as long as the browser supports JavaScript, the programme is ready to run. 


Haskell is a purely static typed language that is a fully functional programming language as well. Haskell is a much more difficult language to learn compared to any other programming language included in this list. Haskell is used for solving abstract mathematics which is extremely helpful in developing AI algorithms. Haskell is also great for programmes on probability and that also helps in the Machine Learning or the Artificial Intelligence field.


Julia is a very high-level dynamic programming language. Julia is mostly used for numerical analysis or computational science programmes. The Julia programming language is very easy to use and its speed is immensely high. Since this language can handle complicated mathematical problems so fast, it really helps people in the AI or Machine Learning field making it easy for them to solve complex mathematical problems. 


There are a lot of advantages if one learns a programming language because it opens up a lot of opportunities for the people trying to find a job in the AI or Machine Learning field. If you wish to learn the necessary skills one would need to know for working in the AI/ML field, you should definitely check out the IIT AI ML Course. So do not worry about not getting a job if you are aspiring to enter the field of AI or Machine Learning because now you know what to do!

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