Top 6 fun uses of artificial intelligence and machine learning

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Top 6 fun uses of artificial intelligence and machine learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) is used in almost all electronic devices to make them capable of human use. AI has gained popularity in recent years because of its multiple benefits. For example, AI allows software applications to understand data, analyze it, and present reports and insights.

Machine learning (ML) is part of artificial intelligence. In the current era, it is essential to learn an Artificial Intelligence course to master the skills needed for machine learning.

Here are some fun ways of using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

1. Personalized online selling

Artificial Intelligence helps software understand the customer’s likes and creates algorithms based on the same.

AI also helps generate a list of products to meet the interests, enabling e-commerce websites like Amazon to identify the search pattern of customers and then recommend the latest developments.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, it becomes easy to access personalized selling.

2. Video Gaming

Artificial Intelligence has increased creativity in the gaming industry. It makes the game more thrilling and attracts vast customers.

Artificial Intelligence understands the pattern of games played by people. Once this is known, the next step is creating a character that AI controls. This gaming character understands the player’s technique and produces counter-attacks.

To explore the field of AI in video gaming, attend the Artificial Intelligence Course.

3. Smart Homes

The usage of Artificial Intelligence apps is increasing in intelligent homes. Smart locks, voice-controlled appliances, switches, and other gadgets. The gadgets have taken the urban lifestyle to the next level. 

The usage of Artificial Intelligence has made homes energy-efficient systems. For instance, smart homes can automatically switch off the light and fan once the user steps out of the room, thereby saving electricity.

AI uses a tremendous amount of information to imitate human intelligence essentially. As a result, intelligent home appliances with AI capabilities may interact and communicate with one another, which enables them to pick up on human routines.

AI innovative home technologies gather data to forecast user behavior and provide situational awareness.

4. Machine Learning as a Chatbot Friend

Multiple mobile applications have friendly chatbots powered by Machine Learning. It studies your data and then communicates as a friend. Machine Learning helps the chatbot speak about users' interests and send text messages similar to humans.

Replika is one of the most well-known and influential AI companions, with over 10 million users. Replika can detect photos and carry on the discussion with them, unlike conventional chatbots.

You can pick and give your AI buddy a name with Replika. You gain points as you chat with it and can use these points to unlock your AI friend's interests, characteristics, outfits, or appearance.

It can act as a mentor, assisting you in forming good habits. When you provide personal information with Replika, such as the names of your pet, nation, and friends, it keeps a record of it and uses it in chats.

5. Hum to Search

The 'hum to search' concept was invented through Machine Learning. You hum a song to the particular app, and it identifies the song for you. Machine Learning works by embedding the melody from the music and finding the right piece. You can use that to search for the oldest and the most recent songs from the database. 

Shazam and Pixel Sound Search are both good. However, they can only identify the exact song when pitch, speed, and instruments are present. But Google went a step further and developed "Hum," which can even identify song names if you "hum" at it for 15 seconds while using a tone corresponding to a specific song. 

6. Facial Recognition

Machine Learning is the magical element that enables apps to recognize the facial features of humans. Moreover, it also allows beauty apps to detect faces and apply filters. Machine Learning teaches these apps to see the face, align it, and extract and recognize the facial elements.

Almost every industry uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to enhance the user experience. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications have expanded to extended cloud service. 

An Artificial Intelligence Course is essential to understand the dynamics of the software. If you are interested in learning about Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, you can visit our training centers in Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, and Thane. 

You can also visit our website for a chatbot that will clarify your doubts 24/7. You can subscribe to the email and receive an update from our executive.

Welcome to the world of unlimited potential with Artificial Learning. Get busy creating!

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