Top 5 data scientists salaries by location in India!

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“Data is the new oil” – this quote by Mukesh Ambani perfectly captures the radical shift our world is going through in terms of data collection, processing, and utilization. Thus, in the current context, the job of a data scientist has become dearer to a major chunk of individuals who are actively looking to make radical strides in data science career opportunities.

This is even more prominent in a country like India where a big proportion of the population belongs to the tech-savvy young generation who are actively looking for Artificial Intelligence Trainings to earn decent salaries in the future.

Let us have a look at the top 5 locations in India in terms of salaries paid to data scientists and examine the reasons for the same:

  1. Bangalore – The capital of the state of Karnataka, as well as the start-up and IT capital of the country, has a huge base of young IT professionals working in some of the biggest IT companies of the world.

    This city has been nicknamed the Silicon Valley of India, after the Silicon Valley of the USA which is the biggest tech hub of the world. The average salary of a data scientist is highest in Banglore; around INR 10 lakhs p.a. and it also ranks number one in terms of data science job scope in the entire country.

  2. Chennai – After Bangalore, Chennai is the growing hub of outsourcing data jobs in the country. It has huge IT parks which provide immense opportunities to the emerging techies of the country. The average salary of a data scientist here is a little over INR 9.5 lakhs p.a.
  3. Mumbai – It is the financial capital of the country. Given the scope of IT and data analytics in finances, it is predicted that Mumbai may soon become the largest tech hub of India. Moreover, due to the sheer number of prominent business houses headquartered in this region, Mumbai has the potential to comprise the highest paying jobs for data scientists. Currently, the average salary is around INR 9.1 lakhs p.a.
  4. Hyderabad – Hyderabad is the capital city of the state of Andhra Pradesh and is the emerging hub of tech startups in the country. Big names in the global IT sector industries like Amazon and Google have invested heavily to build the tech infrastructure of this city. Hence, it is quickly emerging as an emerging market of data scientist jobs with an average salary of INR 8.5 lakh p.a.
  5. New Delhi – The capital of India is the fifth-largest city in terms of the average salary paid to data scientists. It has the highest concentration of data scientist talents which has made it a major hub for tech companies in India. The average salary of data scientists at New Delhi is around INR 8.3 lakhs p.a.

In conclusion, it can be said that India has one of the fastest-growing job markets for data scientists in the world. The recent boom of talented young professionals and the growth of BPO and KPOs have contributed to the development of this sector.

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