Tools that you will need to become a successful supply chain analyst

best supply chain management and analytics courses

Tools that you will need to become a successful supply chain analyst

Supply Chain Analytics helps management make data-driven decisions at strategic and operational levels. A supply chain analyst monitors the working and performance of the supply chain and identifies the recent trends and risks thereby trying to come up with effective solutions to minimise the loss and make the entire process more effective. Supply chain analyst is one of the most sought-after job profiles in recent times. One who aims to work in this domain should look to upgrade their skill set, and acquire the required knowledge and expertise so that they become a successful supply chain analyst.

As a requirement of this job, one will be responsible for creating and executing supply chain operation strategies and actions. He will be involved in the development and execution of the supply chains, including demand planning and inventory management, thus meeting the business objectives.

Skills needed to become a supply chain analyst -

  • Project Management
  • Basic Accounting Skills 
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Time Management 
  • Communication Skills 

Effective Tools needed for Supply Chain Management

Shipping Alerts- A popular tool that provides real-time shipping alerts and notifications is really helpful. Large Companies have high-volume supply chains with multiple cargos being shipped to many clients in various countries, this tool comes in handy. This keeps both parties updated so that one can take necessary actions when something goes wrong. The notifications regarding the status of the shipment are sent to the mobile to keep them informed. On one hand, these tools ensure the growth of the company and on the other, make the supply chain prone to mistakes. 

Order Processing- This is a crucial part of supply chain management. This can make or break the entire system. This helps to process orders in time, manage the entire process involved, fulfil the order as per the client’s need and handle the billings. This tool captures data and provides alerts to the users to keep them well-informed about their order status. This makes life way easier compared to the time-consuming traditional process. It reduces mistakes as there is no need to manually generate bills or take down orders anymore. 

Warehouse Managing- These kinds of tools are really helpful for the analyst as it is useful in managing the day-to-day workload in the warehouse. It provides a wide range of help- broad or specific, depending upon the needs of the company. These tools can handle complex logistic-related issues, product tracking, product ordering, network planning, packing of shipments, etc. These help in the entire process of packing orders in multiple warehouse locations at any point in time. They are very efficient and help the analyst with various kinds of solutions. 

Forecasting- An important part of supply chain management is the forecasting of trends and demands by the analyst. Supply chain tools can process huge amounts of data instantly which would take hours or even days for an analyst. These tools help provide the analyst with detailed insight into past trends, demands, and practices. With these, the analyst can predict the future demand for the product resulting in the growth of the company. They can analyse the consumer’s choice and preference pattern as well. Providing crucial information about production decisions, labour supply, and supplier relations helps to meet the demand conditions easily. Without the help of forecasting tools, there would be stock shortages during a boom period and an excess supply of stocks during a recession. 

Ideal Supply Chain Management Course

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Many such management courses have come up these days to encourage people to enrol in these certificate courses and upgrade their skills and make themselves more lucrative to be able to secure a job in this domain. One of the best courses in supply chain management is available at Imarticus. Their SCM program (Professional Certification in Supply Chain Management and Analytics) is a supply chain management certification course that makes life so much easier for the one who wants to pursue this job role.

This 6-month program provides you with supply chain management online training, recognised certificates from IIT Roorkee along with live classes from their experienced faculties and industry experts. They follow an advanced curriculum and also provide hands-on experience with real-life SCM projects. They not only help you learn job-relevant skills but also have great placement opportunities as well. One can opt for this course if one wants to gain knowledge in this field. 


In today's world, with the availability of data-driven and technology-based tools, the jobs of supply chain analysts have become easy yet multi-faceted. They are now required to have various software skills which can be applied to day-to-day work to enhance the output and contribute to the company’s growth.  One can now take the help of various short programs or certification courses to learn all about supply chain management and get ahead in their career. Choosing the best programme that can enhance their level altogether can be helpful for someone who wants to work in this domain. 

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