The Most Influential People In The Data Analytics Industry

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The Most Influential People In The Data Analytics Industry

The data analytics industry is growing at an exponential rate. Simply put, there is a lot of innovation and creativity in extracting knowledge from any data to make decisions based on past performance or future possibilities. Many professionals are driving the industry's evolution by seeking and employing the best practices in this sector. This post lists the most influential people in this field.

Rohit Tandon, vice president and strategy WW head of HP Global Analytics

He is an experienced business leader well renowned for inventing and launching new companies into success. HP Global Analytics expanded under Rohit's direction from a small team to a sizable analytics company. Global Analytics is now tasked with leading HP's analytics delivery ecosystem and bringing together related departments to generate innovations that support HP's corporate goals as a member of the Corporate Strategy team.

Pankaj Rai, Director of Global Analytics at Dell

The Director of Dell Global Analytics is Pankaj Rai (DGA). Pankaj has worked for Dell for around eight years and DGA for over five years. Before this, he supervised all strategic and corporate planning-related efforts for Dell in India while working with the office of the president of India. In this capacity, he was in charge of aiding Dell in diversifying and expanding its footprint in India and serving as Dell's external representative in industry forums.

 Sameer Dhanrajani - Business leader, Cognizant Analytics.

As the head of Cognizant Analytics' end-to-end business spheres, Sameer is in charge of developing differentiated strategies for the company's analytics consulting, platforms, and services. He is also responsible for producing best-in-class GTM, business development, operational excellence solutions exercises, and transformational analytics engagements.

Amit Khanna- Partner at KPMG 

Amit has also put in a lot of effort to help organizations strengthen their analytics capabilities. He has spent much time developing numerous colleges' analytics and data scientist curriculum. In addition to working with significant international customers to create their analytics organization and adopt a fact-based culture, he individually has two analytics patents.

Anil Kaul, co-founder, and CEO of Absolutdata

Dr. Anil Kaul is a well-known authority in the field with more than 16 years of expertise in marketing research, strategic consulting, and quantitative modeling. Over his four years at McKinsey & Co. in New York, he provided consulting services to over 20 Fortune 500 businesses. 

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