Stop looking for data analytics courses with placement: Read this instead

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Stop looking for data analytics courses with placement: Read this instead

Data analysis determines the most profitable insights from a set of data that push a company’s business growth. A data analyst uses beneficial data to solve immediate problems and simultaneously increase profits. 

Data analytics careers have become crucial in the competitive global IT industry. Over eighteen thousand job openings remain in the Indian BFSI sector in 2022, with the number to only increase in the coming years. This is the right time to learn data analytics as a career option. Read on to know more about data analysis, the available courses and what they entail in addition to data analytics online training

What is Data Analytics?

All organisations receive unsorted, raw data that need classification. Data analysis involves collecting raw data and processing it into meaningful reports for the company to benefit from. It deals with analysing the data that influence economically viable business results. To learn data analytics is to classify the needed data from the bad and pass on suggestive reports to the company stakeholders to implement the findings. 

The process of Data Analysis 

Post an individual can learn data analysis, their career as a data analyst should follow the five steps of work for the process to function correctly. Here are the following steps: 

Identify the data crisis/question at hand

The analyst needs to identify the data problem of the company. Their goal should be to pinpoint a tentative conclusion by solving the question.

Collect the data

In accordance, the data analyst should collect a significant amount of data. They usually collect primary or secondary data from the company’s CRM software, email tools, or open-access sources. 

Clean the data

Omitting unnecessary data is one of the longest and most crucial stages in data analysis. The massive data collected could be distorted, repeated, wrong or useless to the project.

Analyse the data 

The data finally needs to be analysed by comparing past trends, using the specified analysis methods and questions etc. It needs to be sorted and made useful for company benefits. 

Process the data into reports 

Finally, the data analyst turns numbers into verbal/audiovisual remarks to the company stakeholders. The information is to be processed into a mode understandable by everyone and influences the company's business decisions. This step also exposes the upcoming or ongoing data trends in the company.

Data Analytics courses: an overview

Here is a broad overview of some of the best data analytics certification courses and what they hold for you: 


Other than PG specialisation degrees, there are data analytics online training courses that one can pursue. The usual eligibility criteria to pursue a data analytics course is a bachelor’s degree, preferably in computer science/statistics/engineering fields with a minimum 50% aggregate or the equivalent passing marks. 


Data analysts require fantastic statistical abilities. Working with numbers and unsorted data takes up the entire time of data analysts. In addition, knowledge of different machine learning models and programming languages such as Python or Oracle is important. Lastly, they need to have a critical mindset. While analysing data, they should have command over good communication skills that helps them interact with the business stakeholders.

Job opportunities 

Data analytics jobs are on the rise in the market. Almost all organisations require data science careers to support them. Various roles like statisticians, business analysts, data analysts, and even data engineers are available in the data science industry. The average salary for a beginner-level data professional is INR 11 LPA with the number only increasing. 

Learn Data Analytics: courses in India

While on the search, choose the best data analytics certification course, the PG program in Data Analytics and Machine Learning by Imarticus. The course focuses on applying data science and ML models in the job market and using them in real-world business results. The PG course is an ideal bridge between graduation and deciding your career opportunities while enhancing your degree. Inclusive of capstone projects, real-life case studies and assured placement in data science, this course is a fit for data analysis online training. Book your seats now to know more. 

Now, when data plays a crucial role in any globally competitive industry, data science jobs are on the rise. It includes a diverse range of career options and is a dynamic field with scopes to only increase. Data analytics online training hence is a good decision while you prepare for better career choices.

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