Should You Start With Big Data Training or Learn Data Analytics First?

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Should you start with big data training or learn data analytics? Which one should I start first?

We live in a highly interconnected and dependent world of technology wherein the amount of technology we use is like a drop in the ocean. At the pace we are traveling in this digital world approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is generated on a daily basis. Yes, it is indeed a staggering amount of data that is being produced.

So, the application of analytics in Big Data has various merits for businesses. Hence, businesses look forward to using this to gain a competitive edge over their competitors in the foreseen future. Though businesses understand the prominence of big data they are unaware of using big data to achieve the desired success.

So, ideally, there is a huge scope for talented who are capable of stimulating the business in the route of success using big data. For data science aspirants it is a wise choice to start with big data training than Data Analytics Course. Read on to know more about it!!

Difference between big data and data analytics

The primary difference between the two is that big data is centered around figuring out meaningful insights within a large pile-up of either structured or unstructured data whereas data analytics is more focused and looks out through relevant data to solve business problems.  Big data training consists of complex skills which will be a great addition on top of your knowledge in statistics, database topics, and programming languages. You can also see that most companies are dependant on Hadoop training which essentially helps you to assimilate the huge data using programming languages like Java, C, Python, Swift, etc.

On the other end, Data Analytics Training on operational insights of the business by making predictive models using programming languages and uses manipulative techniques for understanding the trends. Understanding historical data and extracts interferences from it to solve complex business issues.

Tools and skill sets that differentiate the two courses

Typically having good insights about databases, programming languages, frameworks like Apache and Hadoop and coding would help you positively for big data training. Basic knowledge of statistics and mathematics is essential along with creativity to filter a large database. Knowledge about statistics and mathematics along with data wrangling is required to become an expert in data analytics.  Big data utilizes complex technological tools whereas data analytics uses statistical and straightforward tools.

Various tools like Hadoop, Tableau, NoSQL, R and many more are used to draw interference from big data to get desirable graphics, statistical data, and visualization. Learning R programming language is essential to learn Data Analytics due to its widespread use of tools to deal with statistical and analytical data. So, R developers have an edge over others in learning data analytics. Whereas Big data efficiently uses MapReduce, a programming model for processing huge amount of data.  When MapReduce is coupled with Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) for its efficient use in Big Data.

What should you do to master big data?

In the bustling world of digital technology, we have access to any information presented by experts in the field of data. Enrolling in either big data training or data analytics courses will definitely be useful to fill the gap between the demand and supply in big data. Having a diversified skill set will give you an edge over your competitors. Big data training and data analytics classes are available online in reputed institutes who provide hands-on training to understand and interpret the concepts in real-time business situations. Look out for training institutes who provide comprehensive insights and training in big data for gaining proficiency in the subject right now.


With an acute shortage of skilled in the field of big data, its demand is set to increase and is deemed to be a long-term growth-oriented career option. As you can understand one course is used to manage large sets of a database, on the other hand, another uses such a database to gain meaningful insights. Learning Big data training may be a smart option for landing in your dream job, it is your call to take up either of the courses first. Take a step forward right now to taste success in the near future!!!

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