The Role of Big Data in Digital Marketing

We are in the digital era, with so many gadgets that we use on a daily basis to keep track of our fitness, appointments, expressing ourselves on social networks, smartphones, apps, etc.,
Before the onset of the digital age, marketing professionals were looked upon for their creativity in coming up with catchy jingles and interesting adds to print media and television.
Digital marketing has forced a change in perspective and compelled the marketing department to take aid from technology, to be precise big data, to pass on their marketing message across the right channels.
The digital age has brought with it huge volumes of data. Big data offers great insight which can be used by the marketers to make better marketing strategies. A direct benefit of this is that the companies can develop better content with the help of these insights and thus target the core need of the customer.
Campaigns that use the nuances of Big data have proven to be more beneficial than the previously used blanket mass advertising. This method of using big data for creating advertising campaigns takes away the disparity, the guesswork out of thinking what the customer wants to know what the customer wants.
Now it’s not all as easy as it sounds, applying big data to digital marketing is definitely great, but one also needs to factor that big data can be overwhelming. Getting insights from big data requires the use of analytical tools so that the data can speak and give valuable insights.
So that the insights are received in time, and the companies can understand the data in a speedy manner, data visualisation tools are used to derive actionable insights.
Decisions are based on studying the data points collectively, where the marketing team can look at facts and then base their decisions.

Real-Time Customer Insights

For most businesses, one of the most important tasks is to enhance customer experience. Especially nowadays, due to heavy competition, it is very important that companies know on a whole, what their customers are thinking so that they are able to retain them. Immediate tweaks and turns can be applied and changes can be implemented to leverage the customer.
Big data tools like Sentimental Analysis offers such insight, on what the customer or a section of customers are thinking.

Data Analytics as a Service

Appling big data to digital marketing is not expensive. Many service providers offer database management solutions, mostly to small businesses who collected huge volumes of data. However, with the changing needs, many providers have started offering data analytics as a service as well, this is a perfect solution for the same small businesses that can now use ready dashboards, more so if you are from the non-tech background. It works like this, the data from your company will be hosted and also reviewed remotely, while you can access it on a need basis.

Predictive Analysis

The data-driven approach allows companies to look in the past, pick up what has worked, and see the impact of it in the future in a simulated environment and based on the desired results apply the strategy. This is what predictive analysis offers you.
Paid Search, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing are all other forms of digital marketing aided by Big data. Marketing teams should if already not, understand the online marketing channel and use these non-conventional data sources, like Search Information, Customer Transaction and other big data sources available.
Online data is the energy that drives any successful digital marketing campaign.

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