Robot pizza delivery: The tale of AI and smartest self-driving engineers

artificial intelligence and machine learning courses by E&ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati

The demand for AI certification courses is increasing day by day. People are interested in understanding this technology and learning how they can utilize this knowledge for their growth and how they can come up with unique innovations to help make their lives easier. One such innovation is the Robot pizza delivery system!

The tale of self-driven pizza delivery ‘robots’

When you order pizza online, you will see options- takeaway and delivery. Now, people in Houston, Texas have an additional option for their Domino’s Pizza delivery, NURO 2. It is a smart robot that delivers your pizza to your doorstep. Customers can track these self-driven robotic vehicles on GPS. On delivery, they need to enter the PIN to get access to their orders. 

NURO is a startup founded by Dave Ferguson and Jiajun Zhu. This AI-based company added robotics into the picture to produce the spawn of their original project Google’s self-driven cars. The founders were the leads of the projects that included Machine Learning, computer vision, prediction, for the former and the latter handling the perception and stimulators.  

After quitting their jobs with Google, they founded this company and now have thousands of employees and are making hundreds of self-driving robotic vehicles for deliveries. 

What it means is that their core technologies involve AI and Machine learning which helps achieve this feat. It also shows that even a startup by someone having expertise in the technology can achieve much more and faster than the giants in the field. 

Learning AI and ML

These days one can easily find a course to learn AI and ML. But what matters more is what exactly you learn and from where you get the expertise. When you choose a course, it's better to be from one of the leading institutions such as the IIT. 

You can enroll for the IIT AI ML course, the Certification In Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, By E&ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati. It is a 36-week course with a 3-day on-campus immersion at the IIT. The curriculum covers all the latest technologies associated with AI to help you get a strong base of the technology. 

Participants will be getting to work on the ML and Deep learning projects to shape them into experts in this field and prepare for the in-demand job profiles. 

More about the AI ML course

This Artificial Intelligence certification is not for novices but for those with a degree in related subjects such as Computer, engineering, science, maths, economics, or statistics or having at least 2 years of experience in related fields. 

The classes will be online-mode except for the 3 days on the campus. The live training classes will be conducted by experts in the industry and by the professors at the academy. 

There will be a Capstone project towards the end of the course which will be from various industries such as real-estate, security and surveillance, mobile manufacturing, hospitality, airline, marketing, healthcare, advertisement, education, e-commerce, etc. You can choose your project as per your interest. 

Apart from the project the participants will be getting mentorship assistance for motivations, tips, and encouragement for the progress, and will also get long-term assistance and connections, even after the course. 


The certification in AI is available for beginners and experts and one can choose the most suitable one according to the industry and interests. The prospects of using AI in day-to-today lives is increasing exponentially. Those who have creative visions must surely learn more about this technology. Who knows, maybe you can also come up with such innovations as the robot pizza delivery!

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