Reasons Why You Should be Studying Hadoop and Python

With big data analytics continuing to achieve prominence at a number of software services companies, its popularity is growing to unprecedented levels. As big data analytics happens to offer many perks as well as great packages, it makes for a great choice for anyone looking to pursue a fulfilling career.
Armed with certifications from Imarticus Learning, as a candidate you have millions of opportunities opened up for you. So if you are looking for a serious career change, or have plans of starting off in the data science industry, you would have a few questions. One of them being which data analytics tool should you master? The answer to this question would most certainly be either Hadoop or Python or both.
Why do you ask? Let’s talk about the reason why you must be getting certified in these two data analytics tools.
Data Science PythonLet’s begin with Python. Due to its great similarities with tools like Java, C or Perl, the basics here are the easiest to master for the novices. As this tool happens to be very beginner friendly, a freshly graduate programmer would find it be a perfect fit. With having to write less code and other features like code readability, simple syntax, and easy implementation, it happens to be one tool that every data analytics aspirant must study.
For any programmer, the most difficult task is finding out bugs and squashing them, but in Python, its unique design lends itself really well to all of its users. Writing less code basically means that the programmers would find debugging easier and will also be prone to fewer issues as compared to other programming environments.
In addition to all the above winsome attributes, Python also happens to be an object oriented language. This would make it easier for the user to migrate to any other object oriented language, just by learning the syntax of the new language. But one of the most important reasons why you should learn Python is that it can power Google’s search engine, YouTube, Dropbox, Mozilla, NASA and IBM too.

Big data and Hadoop
Moving on to Hadoop, this is an open sourced software framework, which is very easily able to store and process great amounts of data. Many professionals have been blown away by its sheer horsepower. It has the ability to make a huge difference to many organizations by assisting them in their marketing needs.
It so happens that Hadoop and NoSQL are believed to be the fastest growing technological networks in the market of Data Science. There have been reports which state that Hadoop will possibly grow in the Big Data Market and reach up to $13.9 billion by the year 2017.
As Hadoop has quite a lot of implementations, professionals who have expertise in this programming language have a wide range of career roles to choose from. All one needs to have is the deep rooted understanding of how the framework of Hadoop works. As it is one of the most sought after skills, it also pays really well
Thus, here we have the most touted reasons, as to why one must study Hadoop and Python.

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