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Python Programming course

Python is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages across the globe. The use cases of Python have broadened from SEO and web development to AI, IoT, Fintech, machine learning, and data analytics. Today, with the support of a collection of software libraries, Python enjoys the reputation as an advanced programming language that can be used for general purposes.

Python training supports a variety of programming paradigms which makes it a user-friendly programming language that can be scaled for larger applications.

Python Certification coursePython sits at the fourth position in the TIOBE index, which tracks the popularity of computer programming languages. Diverse use cases and popularity make Python a favorite choice of many fields. This brings good compensation benefits as well.

The salary of Python programmers varies depending on the field they are working for.

Python Developer Salary

Given the diverse use cases of Python, companies are actively looking to hire Python talents. No wonder python developer tops the searches on the leading job portals. The job could vary from application developer to data scientist, web developer, or DevOps engineers.

The increasing demand for professionals is also reflecting in the compensation packages offered. The shortage of talents has pushed things in favor of the jobseekers. This is a good time to negotiate on the salary package. The average salary for different roles in India and the international job market are as follows:

Job Role Annual Salary
India International
Data Scientist ₹708,012 91,838 USD
DevOps Engineer ₹10,00,000 93,931 USD
Software Developer ₹10,00,000 118,950 USD
Senior Software Engineer ₹10,00,000 129,000 USD


Why You Should Learn Python Language

As discussed earlier, Python is becoming a popular programming language widely from web development, desktop apps, network servers, back-end APIs, etc. Its use case in artificial intelligence makes it an even more attractive career option today. Here are the top reasons to enroll in a Python programming certification course today.

  • Technology giants are on the lookout for Python professionals to help them develop several applications. Being the programming language used in many applications, Python skills are one of the most valued resources in these companies. The top names among the Python employers are Google, Facebook, Instagram, NASA, YouTube, Reddit, Quora, IBM, Mozilla, Dropbox, Yahoo, Uber. Getting trained in Python increases your chances to become a part of these big names.
  • There is a need gap in the job market. The need for Python professionals is increasing as it finds its application across many fields. However, there is a serious lack of talent. Python-trained professionals can get into futuristic fields as well – the likes of AI, robotics, big data analytics, and machine learning.
  • Having a certification increases your chances of getting hired. So, if you are interested in a Python Programming career, you should enroll in a Python programming certification course. Many reputed certifications train you with projects and case studies to help you deal with real-life problems.Python Certiication courses
  • Flexible syntax and a broad array of libraries make Python ideal for beginners looking to build their careers in this field. The “CodinGame 2020 Developer Survey Report” says that Python tops the preference of 10 K developers with 84 percent among them favoring it.

Python is growing very fast in terms of popularity. It is climbing up the list of popular programming languages, pushing its competitors down the list. It has successfully grabbed the second position in popular platforms like Github. It is just a matter of time for Python to secure the top position.

All these have increased the demand for Python-certified professionals. So, if you are aspiring to a Python programming career, there is no better time than this to start it.

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