Operations Management: How Essential is Operations in Business?

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Operation management is one of the most sought-after administrators by various ventures. It is mainly used for business functions that are related to the backend. Many small-scale as well as large-scale ventures are adopting operation management for scaling up their business and making them more efficient.

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Operation management can easily make effective sales and operations planning for a company. It can easily take in-charge of several tasks like supervising the mass production and the final quality of an item. So that, the market products get a good response from the consumers.

In this article, we will learn more about operation management and its importance in business. Let’s dive in to comprehend better!

What is Operation Management?

Operation management (OM) is a significant branch of management. It is a type of administrator that has been adopted by many businesses to make their business more efficient and to enhance profits. It also helps a business to reach its final goal with a high-productivity rate. 

After a business adopts operation management they need not have to worry about the administrating portion. This is because operation management supervises every detail from the initial phase to the final phase. It supervises the very essential parts of a business like the supply chain, plans, logistics, revenue as well as production.

Different Systems of Operation Management

There are various systems that operation management follows to complete a certain task. Currently, there are four different systems that various operation management software use to execute their actions. These systems have been discussed down vividly:

  • The first operation management theory is Business Process Redesign (BPR). This system mainly focuses on the workflow of a company by steadily analysing and re-designing the business structure of the company. It also assists a company to remove certain business structures that do not enhance the growth of the company and affect customers’ opinions.

Business Process Redisgn (BPR) also establishes and optimises a company’s end-to-end business.

  • The next theory of operation management is Six Sigma. Ventures who want to focus on the quality of their end product mainly opt for this operation management theory. This system reduces variations, errors as well as defects. This helps a business to enhance the quality of its final products.

The main tools of a Six Sigma system are ratios, defect calculation, and trending charts. 

  • Lean manufacturing is the third kind of operation management system that is widely accepted and used by various businesses. The main task of this operation management system is to annihilate unnecessary elements from the production stage. According to this theory eliminating unnecessary elements that are not required by the customers will save a lot of capital for the venture.
  • The last operation management theory is the Reconfigurable manufacturing systems. This system assists a business in altering its structures as well as standard components. This system consists of several machines which are interconnected to each other.

Significance of Operation Management in Business

Businesses are steadily adopting operation management because it is extremely essential for growing a venture. Here are a few reasons why operation management is so crucial for every venture:

  • Operation management is essential because it completely supervises each aspect of a venture.
  • A business can easily track its insight with the help of operation management.
  • Operation management is required for addressing design-related issues as well as handling various operations. Apart from these operation management can easily maintain and improve various systems which are used within the business.
  • Operation management allows a business to grow its capacity and aims in a positive way. It also helps to expand the reputation of various businesses that have adopted it. 
  • Operation management acts as a catalyst to increase the brand value of a business by selling high-quality products to customers. Customer satisfaction is one of the main causes that boost the brand value of a business.
  • Operation management also increases the engagement and productivity of the employees.
  • It also helps to increase the sales of a business by reducing its expenditure.

Various Roles of Operation Management in a Business

Here are a few roles of operation management in a business:


One of the main roles of operation management is planning. Where it has to plan and design the amount of product a company can sell within a particular period by studying past data.


Another role of operation management is designing. It has to design or create unique ideas for the upcoming product in an economical way according to the need of the customers.

Oversee Quality

Supervising the quality of the products is an important role that is played by operation management. It checks the quality of the products at each stage to identify any minor or major issues. This maintains and upgrades customer satisfaction. Apart from it, this assists to boost sales.

Supply Chain Management

Operation management also manages the supply chain by supervising the sales, production, supplies, rate and distribution. It helps a business to reduce its cost and all


Operation management has emerged to be a boon in the present business sector. Many businesses are rapidly adopting it hence this is creating huge vacancies. A career as an operation manager is quite alluring with high remuneration. 

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