Must-haves of an Average Machine Learning Certification to Become a Machine Learning Architect

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ML (Machine Learning) is one of the most popular modern-day technologies. You must be aware of the applications of data science in retail, e-commerce, education, and many other industries. New-age technologies like ML and AI (Artificial Intelligence) form the base of data science operations. Many companies around the world have invested in adopting an ML strategy for their organization.

ML job roles like machine learning architect are widely popular among young enthusiasts. Young enthusiasts look for artificial intelligence and machine learning courses that can help them in launching a successful career. Read on to know about the must-haves of an ML certification course.

Importance of learning machine learning

The importance of learning machine learning in 2021 are as follows:

  • More and more businesses are inducing automation in their daily operations. Manual labor is being replaced by automated machines in the industry. However, for designing intelligent machines and algorithms, ML skills are required. The demand for skilled ML engineers is expected to increase exponentially in the coming years.
  • ML is a versatile modern-day technology used by many public sectors and industries. Smart ML algorithms are used in the regulation of public services like transportation, legal, healthcare, and education.
  • Since ML is a modern-day technology, there is a shortage of skilled ML architects/engineers in the industry. ML job roles in the industry offer lucrative salaries to ML professionals because of the expertise they bring to the table.
  • Machine learning is usually not used alone for industrial processes. Machine learning is coupled with other technologies like AI and deep learning to enhance productivity. You can also learn other new-age technologies by choosing a machine learning certification course.

Where to look for a machine learning certification course?

Colleges in India don’t provide a machine learning certification course. Generally, machine learning is a subject in any particular semester of a traditional degree program. Students cannot go through the entire college degree program if they just want to learn ML.

artificial intelligence and machine learning coursesOnline training is the best means of learning machine learning and AI. Also, online training is more accessible considering the scenario of the COVID pandemic.

Must-haves of an ML certification course

Want to become an ML architect? Choose an ML course that offers the following:

  • Machine learning is implemented for industry processes with the aid of several tools and technologies. Choose a machine learning/artificial intelligence course that covers tools/technologies like Pandas, Spyder, Colab, TensorFlow, NumPy, OpenCV, Python, and Jupyterhub.
  • The machine learning/artificial intelligence course should be endorsed by a reputed institution or EdTech platform. There is no point in wasting your money on an ML certification that is not recognized globally.
  • Besides covering the basics of machine learning and artificial intelligence, the online course should also cover other technologies that are used together. For example, technologies like deep learning and NLP are used with AI/ML.
  • Besides offering theoretical classes, a machine learning course should also provide an opportunity to work on real-life projects. Artificial intelligence and machine learning courses should also offer practical learning to enthusiasts.

 Which is the perfect course for ML enthusiasts?

 The Certification in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning by Imarticus Learning is the perfect ML course in 2021. This course is endorsed by IIT Guwahati, one of the top institutes in the country. This course will follow an industry-oriented syllabus that will help in knowing about the common industry practices. You can also opt for a demo class before choosing the ML certification course.

best artificial intelligence and machine learning courses from E&ICT Academy, IIT GuwahatiIn a nutshell

Getting an ML certification can boost your chances of getting placed in some of the top companies. You will also be in demand for the coming years by gaining an ML certification. Start your ML/AI certification program now!

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