Machine Learning For The Curious: Placements made easy

Machine Learning For The Curious: Placements made easy

You can use curiosity as a strong motivator to your advantage. We all share a fundamental human quality to varying degrees: a desire to learn more. In this course, we will explore machine learning, an exciting field that has been fundamental to the development of AI. We will introduce some key concepts such as neural networks, deep learning, and more to understand how these technologies work.

Machine Learning for The Curious

The Machine Learning course will teach you how to build a machine learning system from scratch. In this course, you'll learn the theory behind machine learning, how it works, and practical applications of the technology in real life. You'll also get hands-on experience with several different ML algorithms: linear regression, Naive Bayes classification, and matrix factorization (also known as PCA). 

Techniques from other disciplines cannot duplicate the capabilities and outcomes produced by machine learning methods, and if they could, they would refer as machine learning. Machine learning techniques differ from other techniques in two ways:

  • They are applications that use data to learn.
  • They are programs that produce programs to solve issues.

What Is The Difference Between AI, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning?

  • AI is a general term used to describe machines capable of exhibiting intelligent behavior.
  • Machine learning is the application of AI to create machines that can learn from data and make predictions. It is the most widely used technique in machine learning, especially in deep learning (DL) systems.
  • Deep learning is a form of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) that resembles how people learn specific subjects. Data science, which also includes statistics and predictive modeling, includes deep learning as a key component. 

Machine learning: A fascinating field

It is a branch of AI (artificial intelligence) that enables computers to learn from data. It's also called statistical modeling because it uses algorithms to predict future events based on past ones. Machine learning gets used in many applications, including computer vision, natural language processing, and speech recognition.

Programs that use machine learning learn from examples, which makes it fascinating. A machine learning method can automatically analyze and understand the structure of the data you have collected to solve the problem you are trying to solve.

Discover a career in data analytics with Imarticus Learning

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With this machine learning course, students can become data analysts and receive job offers. Learn machine learning using data science that produces vital business forecasts and insights by applying your new knowledge to practical use.

Course Benefits for Students:

  • The most widely used data science tools and methodologies, as well as data analytics and the fundamentals of machine learning, will be familiar to students.
  • To receive a data analytics certification course, students must complete 25 real-world projects and case studies directed by business partners.
  • Using a data analytics tool to display data is one of the most in-demand skills in the market. Therefore, recent graduates and those starting their careers might want to think about enrolling.

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