#KnowledgeBytes: Rav Ahuja’s take on Machine Learning!

Machine Learning

In this Imarticus Learning video, Rav Ahuja - Global Program Lead, Data Science and AI Advocacy, IBM DBG, explains the widespread impact of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in all the industrial sectors. He further tells us about the need for proficiency in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in comparison to the rapidly growing demand it has in the market.
Rav Ahuja highlights the skills that a candidate must have to be apt for the domain of Machine Learning. He then tells us about the challenges that employers face in finding the right candidates for Machine Learning due to a shortage of trained candidates in this domain. This creates a gap between the demand and availability of Machine Learning candidates.
He raises the concern about how over 75% of the fresh candidates joining the workforce in India every year are not job ready and tells us about the need to get proper training to be job ready. He tells us about how IBM plans to train candidates in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to bridge this skills gap by partnering with Imarticus Learning.

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