Keen To Develop A Solution That Will Predict User's Online Training? Imarticus Could Help You Develop The Right Expertise

Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Courses in India

Online user behavior is something e-commerce and target marketing has been relying on. What helps them predict online user behavior is machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

The user interest and the pertaining trend help the business and marketing team to anticipate the changes and take the necessary steps for improvement. This change is a trendsetter that has urged many other fields to use the same mechanisms to study its users.

data analytics and artificial intelligence courses in IndiaEver since the online training process gained popularity finding out what the users’ needs became crucial to set up the right kind of courses and setting up the ideal curriculum to nourish their careers.

Predicting user’s online training

Getting the correct feedback on the online learning process is significant to know about what the users are interested in. It helps refine the curriculum and also helps introduce more useful courses to increase the chances of a better career.

Predicting a user's online training interest requires some specific expertise but it doesn't involve a single field of study. It requires a collection of subjects that are part of data science. In order to be an expert in predicting user interests, these are the fields of technology that one must master.

  • Artificial Intelligence: User prediction using AI is done through developing models and algorithms that provide a predictive outcome. It is also one of the primary objectives of this technology.
  • Machine Learning: ML is the branch of AI that helps with the computational part or where the machines are made intelligent to work like human brains. BY processing the machines one can help find the relevant data to create a reliable predictive analysis to find out the user interest.
  • Deep Learning is that part of AI that functions as human brains where it recognizes speech, language, objects, etc and that also helps in decision making. Using these factors creates a prediction model that has near-accurate validity. In fact, it is one of the most popular careers at the moment.
  • Natural Language Processor NLP is using technology to understand the common and natural language used by humans. It involves compiling data and processing it appropriately through mathematical, linguistic, or statistical methods. It is just a collective term for multiple steps. Moreover, it uses most of the above mentioned technologies as well.
  • Computer Vision is another branch that works on perspective analysis using videos and images. They help with replicating the visual system in humans and automate the tasks accordingly.

How Imarticus helps?

Imarticus offers various courses in Artificial Intelligence that includes Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Natural Language Process, Computer Vision, etc in the curriculum. It makes a foundation for predictive analytics. The course duration ranges from 2-8 months depending upon the user's choice. Both online and classroom options are available for most courses.

Analytics and Artificial Intelligence coursesAnalytics and Artificial Intelligence Courses in India are open to both freshers and working professionals. They can select the relevant option when opting for the course. The courses are termed PG-courses and Pro-Degree courses respectively.

Keeping in mind the time constraints for the professionals, the pro degree courses may be completed in a shorter span of time.

Not only do they provide quality courses but also provide opportunities to work with giants such as IBM and others. Both types of courses have this partnership option for hands-on experience.

Analytics and Artificial Intelligence courses in IndiaSuch hands-on courses enable the users to polish their knowledge and make them borderline experts in their respective fields, even for an entry-level.


The learning process at Imarticus includes a program mentor who gives proper guidance and support for the academics. Moreover, the placement assistance at the end of the course increases the prospects of landing the right job.

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