Karen’s Review of Imarticus Learning’s Post Graduate course in Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics Course

Karen Soares, a student of Imarticus’ Post Graduate course in Big Data Analytics shares her journey from an IT graduate to an Analytics professional and a job at Peel Works.
Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Karen Soares. I was born and brought up in Mumbai, and I graduated in B.Sc. IT, also in Mumbai. I joined Imarticus for the postgraduate program in Data Analytics. I currently work at Peel Works as a Data Analyst owing to the efforts of Imarticus Learning’s placement team.
Tell us about your experience with Imarticus.
My experience with Imarticus was really good; it was much better than I expected. I came across Imarticus by taking an online assessment on their website, and the next day I received a call from a counselor asking me to turn up for a counseling session. Initially, I was apprehensive and did not want to attend the counseling; however, the counselor persuaded me to come, and I am thankful for that. Once I arrived at Imarticus’ Mumbai office, I had an insightful session with the counselor who helped me pick the right course based on my academic and professional goals.
What has changed since you joined Imarticus Learning?
Since I joined Imarticus my life has changed drastically. I feel that I am much more confident in myself and my professional abilities. I have a complete understanding of what I do, what I work for and what I work as and that makes a lot of difference. I realized that what we learn in school and college is a bit sketchy and has barely any practical applications. But what I’ve learned at Imarticus through the practical learning approach has really stuck with me. I have a fantastic job because of Imarticus, and I enjoy going to work every day.
What do you like most about Imarticus?
The thing I like most about Imarticus is the level of comfort and approachability that they provide. Every professor here is always ready to solve your doubts and is prepared to answer all your questions – a hundred times if needed. You can never be afraid to ask seemingly silly questions, and that makes the learning experience much better. Everybody at Imarticus was accommodating throughout the course, any questions and queries were always answered at the earliest, and that’s what makes an excellent institute.
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