It's time to improve your procurement skills with a supply chain analytics certification

best supply chain management and analytics courses

It's time to improve your procurement skills with a supply chain analytics certification

The supply chain is a field that comprises a massive amount of data to be handled. In today’s world, leveraging big data in the supply chain is next to impossible without the help of data analytics. Analytical methods use data analytics to collect the data and process it to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness. Taking up a supply chain analytics course plays a vital role in providing decision-making skills to the management at operational, tactical, and strategic levels.

Analytics cover sourcing resources, manufacturing the products, distributing, and ensuring logistics. Therefore, supply chain management careers and posts such as supply and operations planner, data scientist, and demand planner are in high demand. If you have a basic understanding of operations management and are interested in supply chain management, this course is for you.

Why choose us for this Supply Chain Analytics course?

At Imarticus, the Professional Certification in Supply Chain Management and Analytics is a supply chain analytics course exclusively designed by subject experts who have meticulously drafted the curriculum to meet the rising demands of the industry.

The curriculum has been approved by the most prestigious IIT Roorkee, which arms the candidate with the potential to pursue a supply chain management career. We ensure that you get the right mentor to guide you in your education. The course also offers you practical exposure with seminars, workshops, and industrial visits to help you gain experience.

What does the course exactly offer?

This supply chain management course imparts the critical skills needed to attain mastery in the field. Extra credits provided in the course provide flexibility to increase the weightage of the certificate. The course at Imarticus provides the students with supplemental readings, practical problems, and opportunities to create an interactive and collaborative learning environment.

Taking up this supply chain analytics course provides the candidate with immense knowledge of the latest data analytics approaches to support an organization in making data-based decisions. The course is for people who would like to integrate their supply chain management knowledge with the current data analytics system. 

What makes this Supply Chain Analytics course such an in-demand course?

A supply chain analytics course throws light on the ways to collect, evaluate, and improve the quality of supplier-to-consumer metrics and KPIs and support strategic organizational objectives and decision-making.

Supply chain analytics also plays a role in conducting the functions mentioned below, which makes it one of the most in-demand courses in the market:

  • Enhance risk management by detecting current known risks and forecasting future risks
  • Improve planning accuracy by examining data to identify factors that cause a rise or fall in demand
  • Refine order management by collecting data sources to predict demand, assess inventory levels, and detect fulfilment issues
  • Streamline and organize procurement by allocating budgets and analysing expenditures across several departments
  • Increase working capital by making robust models – this helps determine the inventory levels needed to accomplish service goals with minimum capital investment

Students can build data-driven projects in various domains, including competitive analysis, demand forecasting, distribution, and logistics.  

After the supply chain analytics course, the student will receive a certificate validating their expertise in the subjects covered in the curriculum, enhancing their resume and attracting prospective employers’ attention. The supply chain would require data analytics since customer demand increased with each passing day. To meet the diverse demand of the customers and function effectively, it is essential to increase the production and supply chain with a focus on analytics. 

What would you be able to achieve from the Supply Chain Analytics course?

  • Understand and apply business analytics tools to optimize the company’s performance 
  • Gain practical experience to conduct efficient procurement functions
  • Pick the right supply chain strategy to create a competitive advantage in the market
  • Become well-versed with descriptive analytics, predictive analysis, and prescriptive analysis

This course has a lot more to offer, including computer languages such as Python and Tora. Our alumni currently work in the supply chain and logistics departments of Amazon, FedEx, SAP, Nestle, Johnson & Johnson, etc. 

Learn more about the Professional Certification in Supply Chain Management and Analytics from IIT Roorkee 

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