IT Professionals and Engineers Need to Re-skill or Perish

There are a strong undercurrent and an emotion of turmoil Leverage in the IT sector over the last couple of months. The IT sector is facing a major upheaval, and the dust from the storm for Engineers and IT professionals seems to be far from settling down.
Yes, there have been some major layoffs by big industry giants. And it has created panic for young and mid- level employees. But panic is good, it helps you think forward and strategize on how to exist through evolution, panic helps you move from the ‘Why’ of a situation to the ‘How’ on resolution.
If one looks into the situation, it will be very clear that certain jobs and skills are becoming redundant or will be soon. The IT industry is not going through a turmoil but through a transition phase. And there are valid reasons for this change. It did not happen overnight and will not stop abruptly either.

Let us understand why this happened…

Advancement in IT Industry

Undoubtedly, these are uncertain times for the IT industry, but there is a logic to it. There has been some massive advancement in technology over the last couple of years in the field of IT services. It could be said that the growth in technology is happening at a more advanced stage and training/re-skilling initiatives by companies or individuals are not able to keep pace with it.

Change in US Policy

Another reason leading to this chaos is the US policy on tightening the norms to issue the H1-B visa, promoting job retention for the American people as opposed to outsourcing. This is definitely a blow to the Indian IT sector which hired extensively, about half of H1-B visas were given to Indian nationals.


It is a known fact that Automation has gathered pace over the last couple of years.
Low skill mundane tasks can now be automated and replaced, due to advances such as Artificial Intelligence, Process Automation, and Cloud Computing. Since jobs especially in India, in certain domains, were large of modest skills, the impact is graver. There is an immediate need to change and upscale essentially for people from IT and Engineering backgrounds, majorly in the mid or entry level jobs.
There is a whole diverse nature of jobs and parallel growth opportunities that have come up in this situation. While mundane skills are outdated, there are certain other requirements with major skill gap issues. It is the right time to dwell into and get yourself upskilled.

Leverage the Impact - Upskill Now! 

Consider the Analytics domain, which according to NASSCOM, the sector is witnessing exponential growth and is expected to be worth $16 billion by 2025.

Imarticus Learning’s awarding winning Data Science Prodegree, in collaboration with Genpact as a Knowledge Partner, offers a comprehensive curriculum and is ideal for IT professionals to leverage their current skill sets and transition to the Data Analytics space.

Imarticus also offers certifications in Business Analytics, Big Data Hadoop, SAS Certification, R Programming, Python, Data Visualization courses, which are strategically designed in association with industry stalwarts.
Taking up these courses with Imarticus will help your career stir out of the testing times ahead, leveraging the impact of the downfall in the IT services industry.
Survival of the fittest is an essential law of nature. IT services are undergoing a revolution and to keep up with the pace, one will have to adapt and embrace the new.

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