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data science and data analytics blogging contest

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Love Data Science, Machine Learning, or Data Engineering? Here is your chance to express your thoughts on the field of technology of your choice. While professionals can discuss the various tools, techniques, and best practices involved with their daily work, business leaders can speak of industry experience. Candidates are free to write about the current state of the discipline as well as the future potential of the field.

One can even choose to write about the effects of certain technology and the incredible benefits society and businesses enjoy due to these fields.

data science and analytics blogging contestThe Imarticus Blogger of the Year encourages budding bloggers or younger candidates to participate and write about the topic of their choice as well. You can participate in this Data Analytics and Data Science blogging contest by applying here.

What is Imarticus Blogger of the Year?

The main focus behind this contest is for providing enthusiasts with the opportunity to express what they wish to share about the field of their interest. Blogs can also speak about research, new technology, and interesting case studies of all the relevant fields.

Fundamentally, Imarticus has come up with this contest to provide some exposure to bloggers and professionals who are involved with Data Science and other disciplines that work with data. Candidates are also authorized to discuss core concepts such as Deep Learning or talk about diverse fields such as Data Analytics.

The Submission and Selection Process

The submission process followed by the selection process for this Data Science blogging contest can be divided into 6 simple stages. Let’s understand what exactly you must do in order to successfully submit your blog and how exactly the winners of the contest are decided.

Stage 1: First, participants are required to register themselves and opt-in for the contest. Then, you must write a high-quality blog related to the authorized topics or fields and then send the piece over to blog@imarticus.com before the 31st of August. Submissions close on the 31st of August, 2021 at 11:59 PM IST.

Stage 2: During this stage, the editorial panel will be evaluating the blog based on its creativity, originality, and depth of the subject matter.

Stage 3: Here, every blog that has met the minimum requirements and passed Imarticus’s quality standards shall be uploaded on the platform (blog.imarticus.org) by the 11th of September this year. The writers will be credited for their blogs and the links for their respective blogs will be shared with them by Imarticus.

Stage 4: In this stage, writers are recommended to share their blogs on their personal social media accounts with the mandatory hashtags. Writers are also advised to share their pieces with friends and family in order to gain more traction.

Stage 5: At this point, all the blogs will be evaluated on the basis of audience engagement and the score provided by the editorial panel. 25 of the best blogs shall be shortlisted to be promoted by Imarticus on all social media platforms till the 30th of October, 2021.

Stage 6: This is the final stage where the blog with the highest amount of cumulative shall be selected as the winner of the contest.


The winner is crowned the Imarticus Blogger of the Year and handed down a gift voucher of 10,000 rupees. Imarticus Learning is also offering gift vouchers of up to 7500 rupees for the other top 10 bloggers. Not just that, participants who rank within the top 20 get the opportunity to be featured in Imarticus’s hall of fame. So, why wait? Register yourself and start blogging from today.

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