How to Start a Career in Machine Learning?

The field of Machine learning is expanding fast nowadays with the application of smart algorithms being applied from apps to emails to as far as marketing campaigns. What this means is that machine learning or Artificial Intelligence is the new in-demand career option you can choose.
But being a new field comparatively, you may have many doubts and confusion as to how you can actually get yourself to adopt Machine learning as a career. Let’s ponder over some things you need to master to get your career in machine learning startup.

Understand the Field First

It is an obvious but important fact. Understanding the concept of machine learning and basic math behind it along with the alternative technology while also having hands-on experience with the technology is the key to dive into this field at first.

Covert Problems in Mathematics

Having a logical mind is imperative in machine learning. You need to be able to blend technology, analysis and math together in this field. Your focus on technology must be strong and you must possess curiosity along with openness toward business problems. The ability to pronounce a business problem into a mathematical one will take you long into the field only.

Background in Data Analysis

A background in data analysis is perfect for transitioning or getting into machine learning as a career. An analytical mindset is crucial for success in the field, which means one has to possess the ability to ponder over causes, consequences and discipline to search for the data and digging into it, understand the working and its consequences.

Gain Knowledge of The Industry First

Machine learning, like any other industry, possesses its own unique needs and goals. Therefore, the more you research and learn about your desired industry, the better you’ll do here. You have to study the basic and everyday working of the industry along with all the technicalities involved in it.

Where to Find Work as Machine Learning Expert

Job portals are a good way to find work in your starting days in machine learning. You can apply for a job in portals such as, Monster, Glassdoor, etc. You can sign up on some freelancing site (such as Upwork) too to get your starting assignment as a machine learning expert.

The Best Companies to Work For in The Field

Two types of companies can provide you machine learning job as present:  huge MNCs and established companies, or start-up businesses.  There are two basic markets at present for machine learning experts for you to tap on. First is the Cloud and the other is the logs, which allows companies or analytics to let customers create their own algorithms.
The large companies which dominate the data analysis and Machine learning field include Databricks and IBM Watson Analytics.  Google has also made forays into the AI recently while many of its partners are also looking for professionals to get their machine learning initiative started.

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