How To Implement Game-Based Onboarding Programs For New Hires

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Looking to implement a game-based onboarding program for your new hires? We got you! Read on!

A study by BambooHR shows that 31% of employees quit their job within the first six months. Holding on to new employees is already a big issue for many companies. On top of that, onboarding in a hybrid work environment poses additional engagement and retention threats.

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It's a huge financial burden for the company when onboarding efforts fail. The new hire will not acquire relevant knowledge. This will make it difficult for companies to retain employees. In addition to losing money, they will also lose an employee with great potential.

A hybrid workforce poses several challenges. Hence employees need game-based onboarding programs to integrate them into the workforce successfully.

This article discusses some strategies to implement game-based onboarding programs for new employees with examples. Read more to find out why you should use gamification for onboarding!

Why use gamification for onboarding?

How can you make onboarding more fun for employees? Gamification can help!

Gamification is a great way to onboard new employees and get them excited about their job.

Gamification is the process of incorporating traditional video game elements into employee training. It is used to motivate employees to perform their tasks. They receive a reward upon completing each task. This will encourage them to learn and complete the course.

Examples of Game-based Onboarding Programs

Onboarding doesn't have to be boring! Check out these examples of fun, game-based onboarding programs that will engage your new hires and help them learn about your company culture.

1. Learning portals

Develop learning portals that new hires can access anytime during their onboarding process. Incorporate elements like microlearning, gamification, and personalisation into the learning portal. This will help in increasing employee engagement.

2. Responsive solutions

Using audience specific onboarding techniques like responsive designs can help with employee integration into the workforce. This is especially beneficial with the young generation of employees. You can replace the traditional text and voice only training with digital solutions featuring interactive visuals and gamified assessments. It increases the engagement with the training program.

3. Theme-based learning solutions

Theme-based learning solutions provide an engaging and effective way to learn.

A well designed game-based onboarding solution involves interactive content such as gamified assessments, quizzes, and videos. These content are designed based on a specific learning theme. It also delivers excellent onboarding outcomes.

4. Immersive designs

Providing an immersive experience is an excellent example of how organisations can increase new hire engagement. Using 360 degree based videos to offer a gamified real-world experience of the work setup via virtual reality content is a great idea.

5. Storytelling

Storytelling is a powerful tool for engaging learners in game-based learning.

Using work related storylines on gamification solutions is a great way to help them understand how every process is carried out in the company. High powered graphics and compelling narratives and interactions will engage the audience. It will also fast track employee integration into the workforce.

6. High-impact imagery

You can use high impact imagery to design the gamification experience. The high impact visual imagery of the learning content, like illustrated diagrams and infographics, will help employees memorise them. Using such bold visuals will help establish a lasting connection with the learner. Thus, they can retain the information.

To sum it up

Game-based learning can be a great way to engage students and help them learn. However, it is important to design the games and activities carefully to ensure they are effective.

To learn more about gamification onboarding and its benefits, visit Imarticus Learning.

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